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Thursday, 28 February 2013

What will We do with the Freedom We have Won?

Reclaiming the World now,
with a Common Law
by Kevin D. Annett

"From this place and from this day forth commences a new era in the world's history, and
you can all say that you were present at its birth"

Thus spoke the German poet Goethe to his fellow defeated Prussians after the victory of the French citizen-based Revolutionary Army at the battle of Valmy on September 20, 1792. The next day, the French monarchy was abolished and a new kind of Republic was born bearing the vision Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood.

Goethe's words ring in my heart these days, and seem to speak to all of us in the wake of another historic victory won this week: the indictment of our citizen-based Court of Common Law of Pope Benedict and Queen of England as criminals - and the ordering of their arrest and the abolition of their institutions.

The Prussian army in 1792 was the world's most powerful, but it was defeated by a mass of French citizens whose courage and resolve to destroy forever the rule of kings overcame the unbeatable Goliath of their day.
And so too has the simple valor of many citizens done what many thought to be impossible, and force the removal of a Pope and the first legal conviction in recent history of the mightiest "rulers" by ordinary men and women. 

"Do you really understand what you've done?" asked an American radio interviewer to me tonight.
"The Vatican is another country. You've overthrown a country!"
Moments like this don't come very often, and require a moment of reflection. For the
interviewer was basically right. We have sparked a revolution, by showing that the law can be used by the people to actually topple the powerful.
But now comes the challenge that faces every group of successful revolutionaries: What will we do with the freedom we have won?

I say won, because the moral and the spiritual victory has been secured.
Like the cowards they are, not one of the defendants in our docket challenged the charges made against them of presiding over the rape and murder of children, and of concealing abominable crimes. The so-called heads of church and state have been unmasked, and have revealed themselves, as illegitimate gangsters who dare not even defend their own reputations, since they know they are guilty.

And so when the naive or the fearful ask me, "How will you arrest these rulers?", they fail to see that these so-called sovereigns now rule nothing. They have deposed themselves already, for kings and popes ultimately reign not from brute force, but from their claim to divinity and moral superiority. Lose that, and they are lost.
When Elizabeth Windsor kidnapped ten aboriginal children who were never seen again, or when Joseph Ratzinger ordered the protecting of serial child killers, they surrendered their power and authority.

These monarchs claim a divine right to rule; but divinity rests upon a natural justice which they have abrogated. Our Court simply named and recognized that abdication by them and by all they represent in its February 25 judgement. But what we have really done, openly and before the world, is to declare that we are finally free of these opulent killers, and their institutions.

Now we must show the rest of humanity that by our efforts they have been given the most precious of gifts: an open door to a reclaimed world. But will they step through it?
The issue now is not the outcome of two, or thirty, pathetic individuals who have been toppled from their thrones, but rather, the fate of the system they represent that will bring in new and slightly refurbished figureheads to replace them.

As at the Nuremberg trials, our placing in the dock of the symbols of a tyrannical society was actually a call towards all people to a new vision of the law that raises the standards of our own humanity: a spark to inflame dormant consciences, and lives.
On Monday, March 4, groups of our members in England, in Rome, and across Canada will perform citizens' arrests on the thirty persons found guilty by our Common Law Court. Their shrinking palace guards and the laws that serve the tyrants will protect them, naturally. But we have already notified the police and other security forces around these "rulers" that they are protecting convicted criminals who stand under the judgement of God as well as humanity - and who are banished from heaven and earth.

I have seen up close what happens when such soul force is used against men who hold guns and who rely on fear and ignorance to impose tyranny: such bullies shrink away in the face of what they know in their hearts is true. The difficulty is not the armed goons of church and state; the problem, to quote Shakespeare, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.
Bred to slavery and deferment, we are not accustomed to our own inner freedom, or to the liberty won for us by the unimagined sacrifice of others. Every one of you reading this has learned, like all slaves do, to live vicariously through other people or images, to doubt your own radiance and power, and to shrink before and defer to so-called "authority". 

Few of you, still, will dare confront priestly charlatans or disturb their
rituals, even when you know of their abominations. If a cop tells you to move, you will move, because he wields a club. But the illusion of power imposed from above is that it never consists of what the rulers actually have, which is nothing, but of what we think they have, which is everything. And in the wake of our Common Law Court ruling, dear friends, that illusion is shattered. Once you begin to know this, in your marrow, then our numbers and resolve will gather rapidly in the kind of explosion that beat the Prussian Goliath at Valmy, and that topples all  tyrants. And then their system will collapse in the wink of an eye, if history teaches us anything. It falls on a few of us right now to take the lead and set the example for the rest of you. But the long sleep is ending. 

In just a few days, over 500,000 people have watched our postings, and
volunteers in fifteen countries have stepped forward to help arrest the guilty and seize and occupy their churches, to reclaim what has been taken from all of us.
And that is truly just the beginning. The occupied buildings will be transformed, and the institutions responsible for the rape of our children and our planet will be disestablished from the ground up; but only when each of you knows and shows in your daily lives that reclaiming yourselves and this world from the corporate oligarchy is your highest purpose, and occupation. 

 Start today, by joining our Global Reclamation Movement of which our Common Law Court is one aspect. Learn from us and our evidence, join the occupations and their security force, and arm yourselves for a lifelong battle.
We have a world to win back, and an old life to lose: the glory, and the cost, of Freedom.

Kevin D. Annett
27 February, 2013

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