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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Your sacred connection to the Universe

Scientists found that all the solid matter on Earth or in the universe is not solid at all.  It's made out of empty space mostly in wich all tiny spinning particles are connected by quantum-entanglement and our perception of this reality is flashing in and out of our focus a million times per second. That's half of our reality.

Where does the other half of the energy come from wich causes all these particles that surround us -as physical life seems very real- to being kept entangled?
We create that. How?

In between these flashings million of times every second there are equally flashing gaps in our reality wich are filled with our conscious thoughts how we wish to shape that matter and life surrounding us. Some things we accept as normal and some other we wish to change. Reality how we see it and think and feel about it are constantly interacting wich means we control it. We're in a rapid stage now learning and mastering our lives.

As creators, shaping our world every second with complete awareness of our creative and emphathic will, we'll feel events are not happening to us anymore as victim of circumstances but our every seconds'  focused, awakened will has full support of the whole universe. Life is not happening to us anymore.
We are flashing our will into these gaps every second and therefore life is happening through you, in full cooperation with the universe's energies.

When your will and thoughts are supporting, benevolent and nurturing to all living creatures including yourself, all energies of the universe are on your side.
Thousands understood this already, taking full responsability and accountability in their lives creating the furtile soil and welcoming every one who wishes to join cocreating on Earth and being Master of their own lifes.

Consider this as your sacred connection to the universe because everything is energy. Your thoughts in your life are energy and therefore very valueable.
The gradual Global energetic transformation of mankind is in full motion and you're part of it.

The new era we just entered is now more than ever loaded with energies to support those who have the intention to overcome the past, feel their future, know what they want and it all happens right now, through you... feeling your way out from the old into the new you...every second.


Michael Lennox eplains it well :

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