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Sunday 23 August 2015

Ascension waves - Raising your vibration

We are without a doubt living in one of the most potent times in the history of this human experience on earth. Everyone is waking up, feeling the shifting, and wondering what their role is in it all. 

Many of us have come here in this lifetime with the divine purpose of being gatekeepers, wayshowers, teachers and light carriers of the ascension path. These planetary changes are being felt in every dimension of our being and they are undeniable.

It is time for the full truth to come forward. Much of what is happening now sounds like it is coming straight out of a science fiction movie. Those who have done the work and who have walked the path have a huge responsibility to anchor the frequency of New Earth. Many of us are being faced with our own personal apocalypse. We are all moving forward into a reality that is far beyond our wildest imagination. There is no more veil between the seen and the Unseen realms. This means everything about the way that we have been existing is impacted.

The good news is that there is nothing that we need to technically do. The changes that are coming are so much more about how we feel. We are moving from being five sensory beings to multi-sensory. We are all becoming more sensitive overall and our ability to sense the subtle energies is becoming more finely tuned. This is an accelerated time in the evolutionary process. We are preparing for a quantum leap. We have the choice to both embrace and celebrate this process and make the necessary changes or resist the process and experience what it feels like to be at odds with Creation. Even as someone highly trained in esoteric teachings, ancient prophecies and spiritual arts it has taken me some time to fully grasp what the process is asking of us and what is needed to be in harmony with the flow. Now I am in the position to teach this process to others who are newly awakened. I understand that we are being asked to trust, have faith, surrender, and let go. Depending on your own personal relationship with the Universe this may prove to be more or less challenging. But there are so many tools and ways to enjoy the potency of this time.

The focus in letting go of all that no longer supports our evolutionary growth is a lesson in learning to raise our vibration. Let’s start with the basics of this concept. Science is now proving what the ancients and mystics have always know which is that we live in a vibrational universe. This Universal Law states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates, everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. However your frequency is different from other things in the universe, thus it seems like you are separated from what you see around you, people, animals, plants, trees and so on. BUT you are not separated, you are in fact living in an ocean of energy, we all are. We are all connected at the lowest level in the unified field.

Vibrational Alignment

Living in alignment with our highest self is a primary focus in my teaching and it is based on an understanding that our highest good is known by All That Is. Thus there is nothing that needs to be done per se in order to live a life that is the highest reflection of our true nature other than relax, surrender, and be open to receive. When we are a vibrational match with the truth of who we are all that we desire will show up in our experience through the universal law of attraction, like attracts like. We set an intention and the cooperative components all line up through synchronicity as if by magic or miracle. By interfering we often make matters worse, we often block the flow of our own abundance. This type of surrender is based on a communion with God(dess). We each have within us the desire to be greater than what we are.

God(dess) speaks to us through desire. There is a cosmic urge within us that is seeking expression. That expansion is already manifest in the vibrational realm. The part of us that is non-physical already is lined up with all that we wish to become. The way to close the gap is to start to do the work of raising our vibration in order to embody and thus become our higher dimensional selves. Once we have raised our vibration to move beyond the limitations of duality and polarity consciousness we move into a state of bliss and joy where all that we desire flows to us with ease. It is our birthright to become God(dess) consciousness, to become a walking embodiment of the Source within, here and now on this earth plane. It is my intention to guide as many people as possible through the gates of New Earth.

Without question the path of ascension is a path of the heart. As Rumi writes, tomorrow when resurrection comes, the heart that is not in love will fail the test. This type of evolutionary jump has never been made in all of Creation. For that reason there are many ascended masters, higher dimensional beings, starseeds, and ETs races here at this time incarnated in the human form as well as the a strong presence of other non-physical beings.  Many of us have spent most of our lives having no idea who we truly are and no concept of anything beyond our 3D existence. We are not aware that what we perceive as reality is merely a hologram, a projected illusion, often referred to as the matrix, and that we co-create this reality. This was part of the agreement, to experience life as a part of the collective experience with full amnesia. Then to be prompted by certain events that would trigger an awakening when the time was right. That time is now. There are those of us who are the first wave of old souls who have memories (mostly in our dreams) of a time on earth when all was peace, joy, and love. Part of our purpose here is to teach these old ways. However there are many twists and surprises related to this specific ascension process that are new for all of us. This ascension is like no other. This will be the first time that we are being guided to ascend with our bodies.

When our planet was originally seeded we were created carefully with divine perfection. We were intended to be the perfect race and to enjoy love and joy ongoing on this planet. However at some point dis-ease was introduced into our environment. This was never supposed to be the case. You might ask how the divine plan can be changed. However once creation happens it has free will. Much of the early religious text that speaks about the fall from grace and other such matters was an attempt to describe these events. Nevertheless our perfect DNA was now compromised. We were allowed to continue on our journey with the understanding that at some point we would be brought back into our original harmonious state of being. This would require an upgrade of our human bodies in order to support the higher levels of consciousness. The process that we are going through now at this time is a rewiring of our DNA, our body is being prepared for multidimensionality. Everything from the way that we eat, sleep, live and absorb energy is being recoded. Cellular memory is being activated. All of the old software and programming that cannot support us is being rewired.

First Wave of Ascension.

A few things to consider. Please be mindful of how your senses are being fed at this time. There are many things coming forth that are intended to distract us and pull us into a weaker state of being. Please take the time to consult with your higher vibrational selves through meditation, dream work, divination or prayer before acting out of fear or confusion. Your soul group is supporting your ascension as are your spirit guides, guardian angels and galactic family. Take all of the energy that you have and focus on staying in alignment with who you are. Spend time right now in nature and in sacred circles with other high vibrational people. Consult with people who are clear channels for information from the higher realms. Learn to become a clear CHANNEL for yourself.

The most valuable insight will come directly to you in the present moment from your higher self through your intuition and instinct. Let go of trying to figure things out with your logical mind, its scope for these types of matters is severely handicapped. Focus on keeping your energy field purified. Notice that people will begin to fall out of your experience. Do not take it personal. As you raise your vibration those who are not able to anchor these new frequencies will not resonate with you in your physical experience. You may continue to love them on the soul level. Know that we will be reunited eventually in 5D. Expect to be reunited with those in your soul group who planned to meet up with you at this time. A collection of aware and awake individuals holding the same intention with great passion and intensity will shift this reality.

We are all communicating with one another telepathically. This will become more known as more people become tuned into their multisensory and psychic gifts. We are all being asked to walk to talk, to really show up as who we are. There are a lot of checks and balances for the ways in which we indulge or delude ourselves. Some of these are coming through as self-created initiations and ego deaths that serve the purpose of preparing us for become fully realized GOD conscious beings. We are on an accelerated path of evolution. This is a time of coming into our integrity. Be ever mindful of any self-righteousness that might possibly come up.  As the old forms dissolve we can experience disillusionment. It may feel as if we are going through crisis. We may have little certainty about who we are, what is real and what to do next.

Many of the old ways of doing things don’t feel good or simply do not work. Transformation literally translates to going beyond form.  The good news is that there are those of us who are committed to creating new pathways that will LEAD to a truly awakened and enlightened state, if that is the path you chose. For those who have chosen not to ascend at this time not to worry, you have all of eternity. If you have been experiencing a variety of ascension symptoms make sure to get a lot of rest. Headaches, rashes, allergies, depression, anxiety, sickness, confusion, all of these are normal parts of the process of purging the body of imbalances and upgrading the DNA. Self-care and self-love are at an utmost priority at this time. Doing more is not the answer. The key words are EASE, STILLNESS, FOCUS, APPRECIATION, SURRENDER, BALANCE and HARMONY. Stay connected to what feels good. Focus on unconditionally loving and accepting yourself.

In the next few months as several various consciousness portals are opened and the stars and planets come into various harmonic relationships and other cosmic forces are positioning themselves we are beginning to be flooded by new energies, literally everything will be changing.
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