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Sunday 23 February 2014

Buddhist Monks Bless Tea With Good Intention – Here’s What Happened

It’s become clear to more and more people that consciousness is directly correlated with our physical material world. Numerous scientific studies have proven that our consciousness is directly correlated to it, and through our consciousness, we can directly influence our physical world in more ways than one. 

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Evidence of superwave propagation in a nearby galaxy

One thing that we should be seriously concerned about is astronomer’s nonchalant attitude in their observation of the encounter of the G2 cloud with our Galaxy’s core.  As noted in the Galactic Pinball posting about the G2 cloud encounter, astronomers are actually hoping to see “fireworks” to learn more about how “black holes dine”.  

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Israel has full access to intelligence collected by US

An American political analyst says Israel has full access to the intelligence collected through spying activities by the United States, Press TV reports.

Sunday 16 February 2014

10 Dysfunctional Systems Running Our World Today & How to Break Free From Them

We’re losing many of our old systems as we go through this paradigm shift. Just as a caterpillar goes inside its cocoon to transform, we are in the midst of a similar transformation on this planet.  Let’s briefly examine the major industrial based systems that will need to be shifted as we go.

Friday 14 February 2014

Study: The Soursop Fruit Is 10,000 Times More Powerful Than Chemo-Therapy

Soursop, also known as graviola, custard apple, cherimoya, guanabana, and Brazilian pawpaw is a fruit that grows in Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of northern South America. It has also been introduced to certain areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. 

Thursday 13 February 2014

Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine

The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Robocops soon to patrol the streets

The local neighborhood watch may be beefing up its robotic arsenal if a new technology startup gets its way anytime soon.

Monday 10 February 2014

Harvard Study: Fluoride Lowers Children’s Intelligence By 7 IQ Points

The Harvard School for Public Health reports:

In a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time combined 27 studies and found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children.  

Saturday 8 February 2014

Top 10 Spiritual Truths We Weren’t Taught in School

What would our world be like today of these top 10 spiritual truths were taught in our schools, in the mainstream media, and in our history books? How can we change the system to introduce these topics to our future generations? What will the world be like after successfully recognizing these spiritual truths?

Friday 7 February 2014

Government buildings on fire, countrywide riots paralyze Bosnia


Riots in the cities of Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Bihac and Mostar resulted in Government buildings burning. Protestors chanting "Revolution!" and "Thieves!". The worst outburst of violence since the regional war ended in 1995. 

Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results

Paracas is a desert peninsula located within the Pisco Province in the Ica Region, on the south coast of Peru.  It is here were Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. 

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Tuesday 4 February 2014

EU Commission: Corruption across EU equals its annual budget

Corruption in the EU costs the economy 120 billion euro per year - equivalent to the EU’s annual budget, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said when presenting a new report, adding that “there are no corruption-free zones in Europe.”

Monday 3 February 2014

America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead [new exclusive interview with a hero]


Edward Snowden has made some dangerous enemies. As the American intelligence community struggles to contain the public damage done by the former National Security Agency contractor’s revelations of mass domestic spying, intelligence operators have continued to seethe in very personal terms against the 30-year-old whistle-blower.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Chemically Nucleated Fake Snow, What Is It?

People around the globe have taken notice of what appears to be very strange characteristics of the snow falling of late.  The snow does not appear to melt in a usual fashion and many report the snow emits a chemical smell when exposed to an open flame. Is this possible?