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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Depression And The Harmful Medications

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mood and psychiatric disorders. More than 120 million people on the planet suffer from depression, that is a lot of medication to be distributed. 

Depression is a condition that really requires no medication; it’s become evident that depression is a condition that’s heavily marketed by the pharmaceutical companies in partnership with the medical industry and mass media. Can this be proven? Sure it can, if you follow the money it all leads to the same group of families and the corporations they run. Multiple studies have already shown that placebos are more effective when it comes to treating depression. It’s no conspiracy that the pharmaceutical companies have a multi-trillion dollar incentive to twist and distort information. A recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine even took interest in the major mass marketing and advertising that the pharmaceutical companies constantly engage in. I really don’t believe that the government and the corporations that own it  have our best interests at hand when it comes to our health. Don’t put your health in the hands of others, put it in your own. Don’t let others grab a hold of you and try to increase your dependency on something that isn’t good for you, in this case medication. Depression as a condition and the drugs to treat them have been severely over hyped  and many negative effects have been suppressed.  Many people believe they are depressed, and many medical practitioners  believe in their diagnoses of depression not knowing that they have been subject to a very intelligent form of manipulation. Depression not a result of situations in your life in the external environment, it’s a result of  you and your internal world and how you perceive your reality.

Mainstream science is also starting to clue in as it begins to see the fraud with regards to the information we are told and what we are made to believe. It seems as if the powers that be have grabbed a hold of human feelings, defined them to be of such a problematic nature that it requires chemical tweaking of the brain. Sure, depression might very well be the result of chemical deficits in the brain, but chemical deficits in the brain are caused by the being within the human body. Everything you feel is a result of your own creation, your brain shapes itself based on how you perceive reality, this is a scientific fact. It is you that changes your brain, don’t allow harmful medication to do it for you while ruining your mental health.  I am not saying that depression doesn’t exist, but it is simple to see that medication is not required, does not help, and is extremely detrimental to our physical and mental well being. Any type of medication to treat depression should be highly questioned, research should go beyond science and medicine and into the corporations responsible for their manufacturing and the people behind the corporations.

Prior to taking medication, the human brain and the chemical flows within it were naturally determined by the human being. Given our mood, our daily activities, what we think and how we perceive the environment around us, our brains and their chemical flows are determined by us. How medical practitioners are convinced of anti-depressant medication and their effectiveness is beyond me (along with vaccinations and a list of many other things). Given what the medical field knows about our brain, and how our thoughts and emotions can effect it, souls who feel depressed usually just need to let certain concepts and belief systems go. It’s like holding onto weights while the water is rising around you, you can choose to let them go and float, or hang on to them and drown. Lets take a look at some of these harmful medications a little more in depth. I don’t know why side effects are called side effects, they should just be called effects. Even the claimed benefit of  these drugs cannot be measured or determined, that’s because there is probably none at all. Either way, the harmful effects far out weight what we have been told to be the positive ones.

Fluoxetine (Prozac)

Since its introduction and discovery by the pharmaceutical industry through the Ely Lily Corporation it has become one of the most widely prescribed and studied antidepressants in the world. Our health and safety have always been compromised from any type of antidepressant drug. In 2010, more than 25 million people in the United States were prescribed on Fluoxetine and over 40 million people worldwide have taken it. Research published  in the Public Library of Science Journal found that a placebo was more effective. We are still in the process of discovering the power of perception, and the power we hold to create our own reality and change the way our brains work through perception. What you truly believe has a direct effect on your biology. It’s hard to give credence to the credibility of medications when findings about how consciousness creates reality enter more into the scientific realm. What we belief, perceive and hold onto as truth actually shapes our reality, including our individual biology. Prozac causes nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, rashes and more. Obviously this substance in not in harmony with your body and it’s operating system. The main argument here against it, is that is changes the quantity of chemicals, and the chemical flows in the brain. It literally changes the brain, putting trust into these medications is something we should not be doing. It’s time to start making connections and putting two and two together

Sertraline (Zoloft)

Sertraline is just like just like Fluoxetine,it is a selective serotonin re- uptake  inhibitor(SSRI), which mess around with brain chemistry and neurotransmitters, like serotonin. Whats even more compelling is that there is absolutely no scientific evidence or measurement to determine if these drugs really do what they are said to do. Should we not have proof to the point of 100 percent when playing around with our brain chemistry? It’s almost as if the mass population is one big scientific experiment.  Zoloft has been known to cause muscle spasms, flu like systems, difficulties in speech, jaundice, suicide risk, major rash, irregular heart beat, and unusual changes in behavior to name a few.  Changes in behavior are not not surprising when you change the brain in an unnatural way, what else what you expect?

Paroxetine (Paxil)

Also a SSRI, Paxil started to be marketed to the world in the early 1990′s. Evidence has shown that Paxil has one of the highest incidence rates and severity of withdrawal syndrome than any other medications in its class.  Paxil is also linked to an increase in suicide risk,  in fact the big pharma companies offering it continue to try to hide that the problems are a serious concern.  This drug is well know to cause severe hormonal problems as well as death. Many protests and truth activists continue to spread the word, pharmaceutical companies that engineer this drug have been sued on various occasions. Doctors are usually the ones used to blame, but we don’t realize that they are brainwashed by the medical literature that is funded from the pharmaceutical companies. In 1992 the FDA approved Paxil, and people are not warned in advance of the drug’s effects and addictive properties. We are presented with enough evidence to show that pharmaceutical companies are well aware of how harmful their products really are.

I decided to use these three medications as they are the most highly prescribed for depression worldwide. It’s become evident that a large portion of our medical and pharmaceutical industry are used for means of money, control and human experimentation. It can be difficult to comprehend how we can have debates on these medications, the bodies we give so much credibility to and allow to govern us, like the World Health Organisation (WHO) are the same ones that are manipulating information, this is no longer a conspiracy theory, it’s time to wake up.


Alien Body Confirmed

Dr. Steven Greer: "After many weeks of travel, we are back to report that amazing results have been obtained from our study of the small -possible ET- body".

Steven M. Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American osteopath and ufologist who founded the Orion Project and The Disclosure Project. 

Greer says, "Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith and I traveled to the country that is now home to this small possible ET body and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world’s top geneticists."

The X-Ray and CT scan show an intact, actual biological humanoid organism, without question. Astonishing 3-D images were able to be constructed of the body from the detailed CT scan, and we were able to see internal organs such as lungs and what I am fairly sure is a heart structure.

Greer adds that "These images have just been examined by the world’s foremost authority on skeletal abnormalities, dysplasias and fetal skeletal syndromes and he has stated that this being is unlike any known skeletal structure found in humans. We also know that it is not an ancient hominid, and while humanoid, not apparently human." 

Both this expert as well as the radiologist who is head of the imaging center where all X-rays and CTs were done have stated that the bone density precludes the body being that of a 20-22 week aborted human fetus. There is just too much calcium in the bone for this being to have been the result of a fetus of that age. Both doctors feel that the being was post-natal at the time of death (that is had lived for some time outside the womb, if indeed a womb is involved…).

The procedures for the DNA studies are complex and time-consuming. Literally the state-of-the-art technology available on earth will be brought to bear on this study, and the team of experts are without a doubt the most advanced and professional team that could possibly be assembled. The DNA studies will take around 2 months, and possibly longer.

Greer is still waiting on the results of DNA tests on the alien body as of  December 19

The being was found in Atacama desert in South America and how people near where the Being was found spoke about seeing these Beings and egg shaped ET craft.

Dr. Greer put that information together with the testimony of Jonathan Weygandt who as a Marine was in that area at the site of a downed egg shaped ET craft. Both the film interview with Weygandt and his transcribed testimony have been provided to the filmmakers. Weygandt’s testimony is fascinating because not only was he right next to this craft that he describes as “shaped something between an egg and a teardrop”, “dynamic” and “really organic”, but he felt the occupants of the craft were trying to communicate with him. Extraordinary! And from a Marine! 


Other tiny aliens have been reported and photographed. Tiny alien reportedly found in Russia after a UFO crash:


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plans to run for a seat in the Australian Senate

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures from the balcony of Ecuador's Embassy as he makes a speech, in central London December 20, 2012.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plans to run for a seat in the Australian Senate in 2013, it has been confirmed on Wednesday. 

 It is not yet clear how he will escape from London’s Ecuadorean embassy.
WikiLeaks representative Kristinn Hrafnsson confirmed to RT that Julian Assange will run for a seat in the Australian Senate.
A native of Australia’s Queensland state, Assange said in March last year that he wanted to “bring liberty back to the center of Australian politics.” His Senate candidacy will help him defend free speech and the “right of citizens… to live their lives free from state interference,” he explained.

After taking political asylum in Ecuador’s embassy in London in June, Assange expressed interest in the senate seat in December, when he said that he would run as a candidate as part of a yet-to-be-formed WikiLeaks party. He also called on to his supporters to stand with him.
Assange is expected to run on a WikiLeaks party ticket; If he cannot physically make it to the Senate, his seat will be taken by his running mate, the WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Assange’s mother Christine has confirmed her son's senate candidacy: "He will be awesome," she told AAP News. She added that currently, Australians can only choose between the two major parties in the country’s legislature, which she called “US lackey party number one and US lackey party number two.”
“It will be great to ‘Assange’ the senate for some Aussie oversight,” Christine Assange said.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced earlier in the day that the country’s national elections will be held on September 14.

Assange may not be able to be physically present at the Australian senate as he remains holed up in London’s Ecuadorean embassy in order to avoid extradition to Sweden. Stockholm has called for Assange to be questioned in the presence of those who made the sex crime allegations. This has raised concerns from Assange's lawyers that the WikiLeaks found could then be extradited again to the US upon arriving in Sweden.
If extradited to the US, Assange will likely face trial for the release of thousands of classified US diplomatic cables. It was revealed in September last year that US authorities had declared Assange and WikiLeaks to be enemies of the state.


Tuesday 29 January 2013

What a strange planet [email to my homeplanet]

Everyone of us sends sometimes an update home to family & friends. And what now if our  family & friends live lightyears away from Earth?  That we finally understand that we are in this world but not fròm this planet? 

This is my letter to my family & friends 'back home' :
Subject: What a strange planet.

Dear family and friends,
While staying here, already 46 years (in Gaia-time) I finally, after a turbulent journey in search
of who I am, where I come from and what I should do here, I finally have the time to send you a message.

First, you become "born" as mini-human without any sense of who you really are and where you came from. As young as I was then, I knew playfully already two things for sure: I do not belong here and I'll leave as soon as possibly I can. And if you're still not finished exploring & playing, your parents bring you to a building with more mini little people to play at first but later ordered to sit still & quitely in your chair and listen to a larger adult.

They tell us lies about the world and its history especially. But if you are good at remembering those lies you get a piece of paper so that you may continue to the next building to 'learn' more of these.

If you do get really good at that, a lot of numbers on your bank account show up and you can tell others how they should do that.
Oh and you may live in a very big house, that's what I do not understand. And what is so strange is that if these people break the law and steal numbers from people's bank with a smaller house's they can pay some of this to the people of the law without going to jail. But people with very few numbers in their bank account have to go to jail if they steal numbers from people with big houses.
What also is strange is that they are printing  those numbers on papernotes and metal coins and almost everyone believes that's worth something valuable. So much believesystems here.

Then there are other people with a large house who are a lot to be seen on a screen in your room, who mostly tell us that they are going to solve all our problems in our life and in our society and if they lie very good they may tell us for 4 years what we sould do. But how much numbers from the bank the people in small houses give to them more and more, the situation never gets better.. .

Sometimes they come together and they talk about these things but they realize they can't really  change a thing. Maybe because that screen on the wall doesn't show the real true reality.

Or by fluoride in tap water, chemicals in the air sprayed from airplanes, poisoned vaccines and food. I do not know.

Besides, there are more living creatures here and they are kept as pets in the house or a lot of them in a big farm for eating them or even hunted at for the same purpose. Can you imagine that? Even worse: grown up people are hunting sometimes others but that's not for eating. Sometimes there are little humans victim of that too. I don't understand that at all...

But I found maybe a beginning of the way out of this madness. Above wrongdoing things I do not participate in and I see them slowly fade away. A man once said:
"Imagine there is a war and nobody goes there?"

And one last thing. Many people still do not know that by their thinking and desires they create their own future. That energy they have been using for a while now but the cause and result, they often do not see.

Well, what a strange planet is this ...

I hope to tell you more soon because I noticed recently that a lot of things are changing here for the good. People become more aware of these things. It almost looks like it's going to be okay here after all!

Lots of love,

Re: What a strange planet
People Worldwide claim their Sovereignty

Iceland President: Let the Banks Fail

Iceland President: We Decided to Let the Banks Fail

  Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson on the recovery of the country's economy speaking at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Grimsson also held his country as a model of economic recovery after its near-collapse four years ago. "We didn't follow the traditional prevailing orthodoxies. And the end result four years later is that Iceland is enjoying progress and recovery."



Monday 28 January 2013

Update: Flu vaccine backlash

Flu vaccine backlash

Flu vaccination ban goes national after fever, convulsions in children

Doctors are being advised to stop giving the flu vaccine to children.
Seasonal flu vaccinations across Australia for children under five have been suspended after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospital with convulsions following their injections.
One child, aged 1, remains in a coma in a Perth hospital.
He couldn't cry - his head was hanging down in the car seat and he couldn't move. I was petrified - it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Commonwealth chief health officer Professor Jim Bishop yesterday announced the suspension while authorities urgently review data from around the country.
WA's chief public health officer Tarun Weeramanthri has defended the response time in closing down the state's juvenile flu vaccine program amid revelations that children were presenting with convulsions more than two weeks ago.

More than 60 children around the state may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, including fevers, vomiting and febrile convulsions - a type of fit brought on by a high fever.
One child remains in a critical condition in hospital after being given the vaccine. Dr Weeramanthri said he had few details on the child's condition but they were "seriously ill".
He said a national process set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration had been observed in responding to the reactions. Under the process the best clinical information was collected from as many doctors as possible and an assessment made on the "totality of that".
"We take all reports very seriously and we believe we've acted in a very timely fashion," Dr Weeramanthri said.

"We've been monitoring the situation, we've been talking to clinicians and we've acted as soon as we can."
He said that since this year's vaccine program started a month ago, 23 children under the age of 10 had presented to Princess Margaret Hospital with convulsions related to vaccinations they had received less than 12 hours before.
Another 40 convulsion cases had been detected in the past month in children at other metropolitan hospitals and in Bunbury. Doctors are now working to determine how many of those children received the flu vaccine.

Aside from the convulsions, affected children were suffering fever and vomiting within 12 hours of their flu shots.
A teleconference today with state, territory and TGA officials confirmed the picture in other states would not be available for "a few days".
Dr Weeramanthri said the TGA was assessing the geographical spread of symptoms across Australia, and directly testing batches of vaccine for any impurity.

Health authorities are also working to determine if the entire Fluvax drug, or just batches, have caused the symptoms, and whether an alternative vaccine should be used.
University of Western Australia school of Paediatrics and Child Health Associate Professor Peter Richmond said that only Fluvax - produced by Australia's biggest biopharmaceutical company CSL - was being used to vaccinate children in WA.

Dr Richmond said researchers were trying to determine whether it was the entire vaccine, or just batches, that had caused the problems which today prompted Australia's chief medical officer to tell doctors to stop giving the vaccine to children.
He said the side effects had been largely limited to children under the age of five and he would not recommend that anybody in other groups - including elderly people - cancel their flu shots.
"This is not a long-term safety issue with vaccines," Dr Richmond told
He recommended parents of young children who had received only the first of the required two vaccination doses hold off on the second dose for now.
This was despite the fact children who had no side effects from their first dose were unlikely to receive complications from their second.

Dr Richmond said the first dose provided partial protection against the flu anyway.
He said researchers were examining whether an alternative drug to Fluvax could be used for the second dose - generally scheduled for four weeks after the first.
Researchers were also trying to determine if the problem with Fluvax was temporary only - and whether the drug could still be used in coming weeks for the second dose.
He stressed that the vast majority of children receiving Fluvax had suffered no complications.

Commonwealth chief medical officer Jim Bishop issued a national warning to GPs not to use the vaccine followed a decision last night by the WA government to suspend the free vaccination program for children under five over concerns it was causing high fevers and convulsions.

"We suggest doctors and health professionals vaccinating children don't use the seasonal flu vaccine for the moment, until we can get the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to investigate this in more detail," Professor Bishop told ABC TV.
He said the concerns stemmed from a significant rise in the number of children developing a fever after receiving the vaccine.
"We need more information about what’s happened in WA, but also what we can now find out from all the other states from their experience," Professor Bishop said.
"If this has been brought up as a possible side-effect of this drug, then we ought to at least suspend its use until we know more."

In light of the seasonal flu shot suspension, Professor Bishop suggested children get vaccinated against swine flu instead, because that could be a health risk this winter too.
He said there did not appear to be any side effects from the swine flu vaccine Panvax.
"It is safe to have the swine flu vaccine," Professor Bishop said.
"The TGA's assessment of clinical trials and the advice of its expert committees is that Panvax is a safe, effective vaccine for prevention of the H1N1 influenza.
"It is expected that the dominant flu this winter season will be swine flu and the specific Panvax vaccine is available free for all Australians."

'I was petrified'
Perth mother of two Bea Flint said her 11-month-old boy Avery had a seizure after receiving the first dose of the two-dose flu vaccination on Saturday.
Mrs Flint said that after the 9am vaccination she noticed Avery had a minor temperature about 2pm. She treated him with Panadol and by Avery's 7pm bedtime he seemed "OK".
However, at 7.45pm, Avery started whimpering and moaning.
When Mrs Flint got to his cot the baby had vomited and was lying on his side having a seizure.
"In the car driving to the hospital he was just whimpering," she said.
"He couldn't cry - his head was hanging down in the car seat and he couldn't move.
"I was petrified - it was one of the worst experiences of my life."
By the time Avery arrived at St John of God Hospital in Murdoch, he was burning up with a fever of 39.5 degrees.
The doctor who treated Avery told Mrs Flint her baby was the fifth child with similar symptoms admitted to the hospital that day.

Health Minister Kim Hames last night advised of the state-wide suspension as a precautionary measure.
He said the suspension came after a significant rise in the number of children who had developed a high temperature after receiving the vaccine.
He said some children had gone into febrile convulsions, a fit caused by a high fever, following the vaccinations.
Dr Hames said it was unclear if the fevers were related to the influenza vaccination but the precautionary measure was the most responsible course of action.
Fevers in most instances are treatable.

"People should give Paracetamol according to the instructions and tepid sponging to keep the temperature down." Dr Hames said.
"On rare occasions children can have a convulsion as the result of the high temperature and sometimes that can be prolonged, which can be a risk to the child."
He said parents should not take children under the age of five to be vaccinated against influenza until further notice.


Update: Dimitri Medvedev's disclosure

Dimitri Medvedev's Disclosure

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn President Obama that the         “time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won’t participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own.

The WEF (The Forum) is a Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva and describes itself as an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

The Forum is best known for its annual meeting in Davos, a mountain resort in Graubünden, in the eastern Alps region of Switzerland. The meeting brings together some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world, including health and the environment.

Medvedev is scheduled to open this years Forum where as many as 50 heads of government, including Germany’s Angela Merkel and Britain’s David Cameron, will attend the five-day meeting that begins on 23 January.

Critical to note about this years Forum is that the WEF, in their 2013 Executive Summary, scheduled for debate and discussion a number of items under their X Factors from Nature category, and which includes the “discovery of alien life” of which they state: “Proof of life elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief systems.”

Equally critical to note is that Medvedev, after completing a 7 December 2012 on-camera interview with reporters in Moscow, continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that his microphone was still on. He was then asked by one reporter if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal,” Medvedev responded:

“Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country… More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black… I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”

Western news sources reporting on Medvedev’s shocking reply about aliens stated that he was            
       “joking” as he mentioned the movie Men In Black, which they wrongly assumed was a reference to the 1997 American sci-fi adventure comedy about two top secret agents battling aliens in the US.

Medvedev, however, wasn’t referring to the American movie but was, instead, talking about the famous Russian movie documentary Men In Black which details many UFO and alien anomalies. [Full MIB length movie in Russian with English subtitles can be viewed HERE.]

Where Western news sources quoted Medvedev as saying “More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called ‘Men In Black,’” his actual answer was, “You can receive more detailed information having watched the documentary film of the same name.”

The reason(s) for Western propaganda news outlets deliberately distorting Medvedev’s words become apparent after his shocking statement, and as evidenced in just one example of their so called reporting on this disclosure of alien life already being on our planet where the title of one such article was “Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev makes a crack about aliens, and conspiracists promptly lose their minds.”

If anyone is “losing their minds” about aliens, it must be pointed out, it is certainly not Russia, but the Vatican, which in November 2009 announced it was “preparing for extraterrestrial disclosure.”

Equally, and apparently, “losing their minds” are US government officials themselves, such as former Pentagon consultant Timothy Good, and author of Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up, who in February 2012 stated that former President Dwight Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens who were ‘Nordic’ in appearance and wherein a ‘Pact’ was signed to keep their agenda on Earth secret.

With the recent discovery in the Russian city of Vladivostok of a 300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel, and scientists, astronauts and YouTube users reporting increasingly strange happenings on the moon, the European Space agency reporting their discovery of a 1,000 ancient river on Mars, and UK and Sri Lanka scientists saying they now have “rock solid proof of alien life” after finding fossilized algae inside meteorite, the only ones who seem to be truly “losing their minds” are the Western, especially American, propagandists who for decades have covered up one of the most important stories in all of human history that “we are not alone.”

To if Medvedev will be able to convince the Obama regime to tell the truth about UFO and aliens at the WEF this week it is not in our knowing.  What is in our knowing, though, is that with or without the US, the Kremlin will surely begin the process of telling the truth about that which we already know to be true.

World leaders to discuss aliens
Dimitri Medvedev's disclosure


12,000 Peaceful People Arrested in Italy for Not Paying Taxes

Thanks to a lifetime of propaganda, people will argue relentlessly that taxation is not an act of violence, they will deny that it perpetuates a complicated form of slavery, and many times get deeply offended when you point out the fact that it is theft.

Yet, peaceful people are taken against their will and thrown in cages every day for not paying taxes.  If this action was not carried by the state, everyone would recognize it as a violent kidnapping.
This year in Italy alone around 12,000 people had armed government workers trespass on their property, take them against their will and lock them up in a cage.

If any of these people made any attempts to defend themselves on their own property as they would against any other intruder, they would have been killed and treated as if they were the aggressor.
According to the AFP:
“Italy’s financial police said Thursday they had busted close to 12,000 people last year for evading over 56 billion euros ($74 billion) worth of taxes.  Investigators rooted out 8,617 people who had never paid taxes and owed the Italian tax man a total of 22.7 billion euros, the financial police said in a statement.

Police also honed in on those using fake companies in tax havens to evade paying their dues, calculating 17.1 billion euros in Italian taxes were owed. Some 16.3 billion euros in “other forms of evasion” brought the total to 56.1 billion euros and police reported 11,769 people last year on suspicion of dodging tax.

The crack down on tax evaders in Italy intensified when Prime Minister Mario Monti came to power at the end of 2011, as the government attempted to reduce the country’s deficit and debt.
The financial police also uncovered over 16,000 people working on the black market, the statement said.”

The fact that there are so many people working in the so-called black and gray markets is the silver lining in this story, and it is something that is going to be impossible for the establishment to stop.
The black market is an undying expression of human freedom, and while you may be able to threaten people and lock them up, you can never stop them from trading the resources that they want or need.
The police chief made one of the most twisted, Orwellian comments i have ever heard when asked about the arrests and the booming black market:
“We are continuing to act to recover resources stolen from the state,” said police chief Saverio Capolupo.

Seriously?!  I cant believe that these people can make these kinds of comments with a straight face, and its even worse that the mainstream media can report this without anyone noticing the shear hypocrisy of the statement.
This is the equivalent of a mugger calling its victim a thief because there was money hidden in his sock.

Thousands of peaceful people who did not commit any real crimes were thrown in cages for keeping their own property, this truly is an insane world that we live in.
Taxation is theft. Taxation is Force.  Just ask these 12,000 people in Italy.

J.G. Vibes

Who Runs The World? 
People Worldwide claim their Sovereignty [updated, thanks to Beatrix stepping down]  

UPDATE: Chemicals banned in Europe still make their way into US foods

Chemicals banned in Europe still make their way into US foods

PepsiCo Inc. is removing a controversial ingredient from its Gatorade sports drink in response to customer complaints.

Molly Carter, a spokeswoman for the company, said Friday that the removal of brominated vegetable oil was in the works over the past year after the company began "hearing rumblings" from consumers about the ingredient. She said it wasn't a reaction to a recent petition on by a Mississippi teenager.

The ingredient is also used in other drinks, including some flavors of Powerade made by rival Coca-Cola Co. The Atlanta-based company did not say whether it would remove the ingredient from Powerade as well but noted that it takes customer concerns into account when looking for ways to improve its drinks.

Ingredients in food and drinks have come under greater scrutiny in recent years, helped by the ability of consumers to mobilize online. The petition on noted that brominated vegetable oil has been patented as a flame retardant and is banned in Japan and the European Union. It had more than 200,000 supporters Friday.

For Gatorade, Carter said the ingredient is used as an "emulsifier," meaning it distributes flavoring evenly so that it doesn't collect at the surface. She said it was used only in select varieties including orange and "citrus cooler." Other drinks that use brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, include Coca-Cola's Fanta and PepsiCo's Mountain Dew.

A spokesman for competitor Dr Pepper Snapple Group said Sun Drop and Squirt are among its drinks that have BVO.
Carter noted that the ingredient is not banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and that PepsiCo's decision wasn't the result of any health or safety concerns. She said it was specifically a response to concerns expressed by Gatorade customers. The company's decision was first reported by the trade journal Beverage Digest.
Pulin Modi, a spokesman for, said the move reflects the "shift in power we're seeing between businesses and their customers."

Sarah Kavanagh, the 15-year-old who posted the petition in November, said she's "very, very happy" that Gatorade is making the change. Kavanagh said she used to drink Gatorade frequently before she checked the ingredients to see if it was in line with her vegan diet. When she looked up brominated vegetable oil online, she didn't like what she found.
Now that the ingredient is being removed, she said she'll likely go back to drinking Gatorade. Kavanagh also taped a segment on the topic for The Dr. Oz Show this week that is set to air Wednesday.

PepsiCo, based in Purchase, N.Y., is replacing the BVO in Gatorade with an ingredient called sucrose acetate isobutyrate, which Carter said will maintain the flavor and taste of the drinks.
Although Americans have been drinking less soda since 1998, sports drinks have remained a growth area for PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. Gatorade remains the dominant player with about 69 percent of the market, while Powerade has 30 percent, according to Beverage Digest.

Candice Choi

Cannabis & The Pineal Gland: Turn On The Third Eye

British cops growing marihuana? Yes they can!

The Pineal Gland or the ‘Seat of the Soul’ as described by Rene Descartes, is the focal point of our spiritual guiding system which makes us go beyond the five senses of rationality and become multisensory, tuned into and aware of higher dimensions of consciousness within a holographic cosmos.

Cannabis or Marijuana among other psychedelics facilitates the activation of the pineal gland and helps turn on the third eye or the mind’s eye directing our spiritual evolution to wholeness.

The pineal gland, located in the centre of the brain, is about a quarter of an inch in size, reddish-gray, and weighs about one-tenth of a gram. Unlike other parts of the brain which come in pairs, the pineal gland is singular. Its location in the center of the brain and presence in other species indicates it is an older part of humanity’s evolutionary brain system.

The pineal gland is present in all lower vertebrae. In other species, like birds, reptiles and frogs, the pineal gland is called the parietal eye or “third-eye” as its functions closely resemble that of an actual eye. In these other species, the pineal gland has components of an actual eye, with a cornea, rod and cone. It is considered to be the vestige of a functional sense organ of early primitive vertebrates.

Directly affected by the light taken in through the eyes, the pineal regulates sleep, menstrual cycles, mating seasons, hibernation, seasonal flight patterns and many other “instinctual” behaviors.

Tryptamine Trippiness

Psychedelic researcher Dr Rick Strassman has explained how the pineal gland “is quite active in synthesizing compounds related to serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers allowing communication among individual nerve cells. Most typical psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, and DMT are active in brain sites which are also affected by serotonin. In addition, most of these drugs are similar in their chemical structure to serotonin.”

Strassman states that most of the above substances belong to the “tryptamine” class of drugs, and proposed that the pineal gland produces “one or two endogenous tryptamines found in human blood and cerebrospinal fluid. This latter fluid continually bathes the brain, and compounds found in it most likely affect brain function.”

Strassman also explains how “psychedelic drugs, meditational states, spontaneous near-death experiences and other phenomena which may induce stereotypic death/rebirth and paradisal/hellish states act via the pineal gland.

Lyttle points to the universal mystic vision of God as an all-consuming white light, and postulates that on a physiological level, this experience is produced from chemical reactions in the pineal gland which is extremely light sensitive. “Light, the eyes and the ‘third eye’ or pineal gland form a triad which directly controls and regulates normal or altered consciousness and many bodily functions? these three factors are also directly related to, or implicated in, mystical states and the ‘psychedelic’ experience.”

Visions of white light are not only associated with mysticism and psychedelic explorations, but are also a prevalent image recorded by those who experience the near-death state. A reason for this recurring theme in near-death states may be found with Dr Strassman, who suggests that after death, as the pineal gland shuts down, some of the chemical present in it may turn into “psychedelic” drugs!

According to Dr Strassman, the pineal gland may not only play an important role in death, but also in birth, possibly even in rebirth…

The pineal gland first becomes visible in the human fetus at the same time as does the clear differentiation of the fetus into female or male gender. The time for both of these events is 49 days, the period of time that, according to several Buddhist texts, the life force of a deceased individual coalesces around its next corporeal existence. If the life force does indeed enter through the pineal, the manifestation of this coming and going would be the release of psychedelic tryptamines, which would mediate the visionary experiences associated with near-death, and near-birth states.

Spiritual Traditions

Certain initiatory cults, such as Tantrism, Kundalini and Gnosticism, acknowledged the role of the pineal gland in the spiritual process. The spiritual/instinctual life force was seen as a serpent, due to its physical structure extending from the genitals, through the spine and up into its single all-seeing eye in the pineal gland.

These spiritual systems focussed around the raising of this primordial serpentine energy, based in the genitals and at the core of the pro-creative process. Through certain yogic practices this energy can be reversed and forced to travel up the spine into the brain, where it is reputed to cause “enlightenment”.

In the Kundalini system, which has seven distinct energy centers, the pineal gland has been variously identified with the “Ajna Chakra” and alternatively the “Sahasrara Chakra”. Both pre-Christian Mithraic and second century Gnostic texts also distinctly refer to the pineal gland in relation to seven distinct energy centers and this serpentine energy.

Not surprisingly, a common experience of those who have successfully raised their kundalini is the vision of all-consuming white light. More importantly, the devotee who successfully raises the kundalini experiences a radical switch in consciousness, obliterating the sense of individuation, and enters Nirvana.

Another potential reference to this curious little gland may occur at the end of the New Testament book of Revelation, where we find that the elect will know God intimately, “his name will be in their foreheads,” which is where the pineal deeply lies. Noting the gland’s strong connection with light, the rest of the passage is interesting: “There will be no more night; they will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light.”

Likewise in the Qabalistic tradition, the primordial archetypical man, Adam Kadmon, shines forth with a light from his forehead that was rich in complex patterns and linguistic symbols. Similar imagery occurs in the Persian tradition of the light-like sacred fluid, the “vivifying and spermatic” xvarenah. “Ahura Mazda is preeminently the possessor of xvarenah, but this ‘flame’ also springs from the forehead of Mithra and like a solar light emanates from the heads of sovereigns.”

This mind-light from the forehead is also identical with the 3rd Eye of Shiva, which when opened in the individual burns away the concept of ego-bound consciousness, and when opened collectively has the potential to burn away the ties and fetters of the Old World Order.

Perhaps if enough modern psychonauts achieve the pineal experience we can push this new frame of mind onto the rest of ego-bound humanity. Here at the turning of the millennia, in the apocalyptic year of 1999, never has the potential for the state of mind which has been the goal of yogic sages, and psychedelic voyagers alike been so possible to attain for humanity as a whole.

Chris Bennet

Sunday 27 January 2013

How big is your world?

In our past through the ages of mankind -and even still today- numerous countries all over the World are using prison-/ labour-/FEMA- & Guantanamo Camps.

Not to mention the Middle ages'  prosecutions also in Russia a century ago millions were killed by Josef Stalin & the Nazi's did the same thing in Europe during WW II to imprison & kill millions of our ancestors during '39/45. Over a 100 million people were killed in these facilities being guilty of nothing else than being themselves without doing any harm to anybody or causing any significant problems to the world they lived in.
Two significant events marked the end of that era: the end of South-Africa's apartheid in 1992 and the Berlin Wall take down between East & West in 1989.

Tóo many people worldwide in our history were killed because they had their own religion, beliefs, race, skincolour or nationality. All those minor differences we still share nowadays. This has to end nów!
Yet, it's still happening today...

Needless to say that these camps & laws were all 'invented' & exploited by persons with 'power'. Queens, Kings, Tsaars, partyleaders, extremists and even elected governments. All this oppression to control the minority of us? We? You? Me?

Some decades ago they decided to get rid of most of these camps almost completely and to kill people out in the open almost without us noticing it by slowly poisoning our food, water, air, vaccins, schoolsystems & even our mind through television. Basically all elements we need for a healthy life.

Imagine yourself locked up in one of the baracks with 40 others for years hearing screeming and unfamiliar noises and smells coming from the outside. When it's silent you're allowed to work or clean the place day after day and you get slowly accustomed to this routine. One day the screeming and noises fade away and finally comes to an end. After a moment of confusion between the 40, one person decides to take a look outside. Everybody warns him that he can be shot at sight but he goes outside to see what is going on with this interruption of 'the schedule' Complete Silence event.

After a while he returns and tells everyone that it is safe to go outside, the guards have left and there's nothing to be afraid of anymore. It takes him some time to convince everyone but after a while the first people went outside crying in the sunlight and they smelt a freedom like never before...
Heaven broke loose and everybody felt from that moment on, he was truly free.

The clear million dollar question is:
How big is your world?
Do you live in a barack?
Or are you really living in Freedom?

The first ones bathing in the sunlight are already out there waving at you.
Our 'guards' are leaving at this moment in time.
And now what is it exactly that you are going to do?
What dó you really want?

The Time is now...
It's time


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People Worldwide claim their Sovereignty [updated, thanks to Beatrix stepping down]

Individuals Worldwide are declaring their Sovereignty.

The inhabitants of Gallifa, a village in the mountains of Catalonia, refuse any longer to pay taxes to the Spanish state
Instead, paid directly to the Catalan government. They find that more than justified, because too many of their own resources are distributed across the rest of Spain.
The village with 200 inhabitants declared themselves 'fiscally sovereign' states. Other villages in the area, just before the Catalan elections claimed their sovereignty as well.

Free and sovereign territory
It is a symbolic gesture. "We still pay our taxes," explained Mayor Jordi Gallifa Fornes out. "The only difference is that we no longer pay to the Spanish authorities, but the Catalan Treasury.
"We have set ourselves last September 2012 declared free and sovereign territory," he added. The regional president Artur Mas has promised a referendum if he wins elections. Gallifa and over 100 other villages have been declared to be sovereign.


A group of young Greeks, changed the busy city for the slopes of Telaithrion on Evia Island to participate in a self-sufficient rural community.
Their goal is simply self-grown organic food to eat, to free themselves from the power and money to replace barter/trading goods.
The group would eventually open a school that people must learn how to live sustainably. The project was started by four Athenians who met together in 2008 on the internet out of dissatisfaction with the tiring city life.


Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania (Danish: Fristaden Christiania) is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares (84 acres) in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Civic authorities in Copenhagen regard Christiania as a large commune, but the area has a unique status in that it is regulated by a special law, the Christiania Law of 1989 which transfers parts of the supervision of the area from the municipality of Copenhagen to the state. It was closed by residents in April 2011, whilst discussions continued with the Danish government as to its future, but is now open again.
Christiania has been a source of controversy since its creation in a squatted military area in 1971. It's cannabis trade was tolerated by authorities until 2004. Since then, measures for normalising the legal status of the community have led to conflicts, and negotiations are ongoing.
Among many Christiania residents, the community is known as staden ('the town'), short for fristaden ('the freetown').


Meanwhile, in The Netherlands hundreds of individual people are declaring themselves Sovereign last years from the Government & Queen to be free Universal Beings. Queen Beatrix declared 28 januari 2013 to leave the sinking Bilderberg ship to be sovereign too? Probably some kind of Super-Sovereignty then maybe. A big portion of the16 million Dutch population's taxes goes to the 'Dutch House of Royalties' and a salary raise for all 'royal' people guaranteed every year.  If there weren't any private organisations with generous unselfish individuals taking care of the elderly, hungry, homeless, violated, abandonded & traumatized people, the latter could not live one month. 

Some history facts: 
Her father, prins Bernhard, founded on 29-31 may 1954 the Bilderberggroup in hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeek near the city of Arnhem [Netherlands]. He was member of the German SS befóre WWII. The Dutch parliament knew this fact. See the picture [on the right] of Bernhard standing next to his wife Queen Juliana after their wedding in 1937 in company of fellow SS-collegues some raising there right arm to Hitler.They founded The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and same sort of institutions which had the same ideas about the socalled inferiority of non-white ethnic groups, poor people, disabled persons & unemployed people, about registrationtechniques (IBM), marriagelaws, sterilisation and gaschambers (!), funded directly from the USA..
The Rockefeller family is the institute's most important financier. Also Josef Mengeles' experiments are financed by Rockefeller's Brothers. Later they would blame this family as 'founding member’ of eugenetics with Edmond de Rothschild and Prins Bernhard who founded the Bilderberggroep with it's globalistisc agenda.

Just presenting the facts not to burn down the members of the Dutch 'royal family'.
Oops, or did I just do that?
Maybe because the Dutch 'royal family' doesn't exist at all? These 'royals', we watch them here wrapped in scandals for last decades if not hundreds of years. Supported by our Government all the time. And we elected these people.

So far hundreds of Dutch people filed the official & legal documents in a 4-step-proces to separate themselves from this monarchy to be sovereign human beings and with success! Although some encounter opposition & counteraction from the government they persistently continue their freedomfight.

The arranged wedding of former Queen Juliana and Prins Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld on 07 januari 1937:


How big is your world?
Who Runs The World?