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Friday 8 March 2013

David Icke Q&A on twitter 8th march 2013. Interesting!

Q&A sessiontranscript -I made- from David Icke on twitter with others. Good questions were asked about a variety of subjects and very informative answers by David. Enjoy!

 - Looking forward to my Twitter Q+A which starts in 15 mins. Please send me your questions using #icke

What new and groundbreaking topics can we expect to read about in your new book?
-  Jeremy, I've been working on the new book for best part of a year... had to stop for Wembley and I've been working on it all day every day since November. If my life has been leading anywhere it has been to this book. Just blows the whole global scam apart. I've never been more enthusiastic about anything i've done as much as this.

Which politicians or religious figures would you like to have a live debate with?
-  Ben - I'd like to have David Cameron, Tony Blair, George Bush and Barack Obama in the same room with the door locked & a camera running so they couldn't escape from answering the question: why are you all following the same agenda while claiming to be different? But really I don't need to ask them because I know the answer. They're puppets of the same masters and everything else is window dressing.

I would like to know you're thoughts on the origins of humans. Do you think we have alien ancestors?
- James - what can be frustrating is to see things dismissed by reflex action when the evidence for them is enormous. It's clear that there has been substantial intervention and manipulation of human genetics. The new book is going to go into this in more detail than ever before. We need to go beyond the idea that to change human genertics that "aliens" have to sexually interbreed with humans. We are WAY beyond that. In terms of how it was done. The body is an energetic field. Human genetics are an energetic field. If you change the field you change the body. Human genetics are now being mutated by what is in the food and drink. GMO is designed to genetically modify us. We are being hormonally manipulated through endless toxins including those in plastic container. A common theme I pick up again and again in the effect of these toxins is to suppress the endocrine system and that includes the pineal gland in the brain which gives us awareness beyond the conscious mind. It is no accident that fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste calcifies the pineal gland. The whole system is focused on keeping us asleep and disconnected from higher levels of awareness. This theme recurs over and over and is obviously coordinated to that end.

Anything to say about the recent meteor in Russia?
-  Dan - we need to keep a very close eye on this subject because decades ago Wernher Von Braun the German rocket scientist, listed a series of fake threats that were going to be used to manipulate human affairs. He was taken to the United States after the war as part of 'Operation Paperclip' which transferred hundreds of Nazi scientists to the US. It was they that started NASA. So Von Braun was a big time insider who was largely responsible for the Saturn 5 rocket system. When he knew he was dying of cancer he told his personal assistant, an aerospace executive, that she would see a series of fake enemies..The first would be the Soviet Union and that would be followed by; terrorism, crazy regimes which are known today as 'countries of concern'. ASTEROIDS, and finally an alien invasion. He said that all of them would be a hoax and that she should not believe them when they happen. clearly we've had the Soviet Union, Terrorism, and countries of concern...
So we need to be very aware of this list when asteroid/meteorite stories and events happen. The level of mendacity and bare faced lies that we are now being subjected to from all directions means that we need not to believe anything that comes from authorities on any subject without irrefutable proof (when do we ever get that?)

Are the recent earthquakes and tsunamis due to wether manipulation? 
-  Erin - one of the greatest forms of human control is to suppress the perception of what is possible. If you can manipulate people to believe that something is not possible while at the same time you're doing it then no-one will challenge you. This is absolutely the case with earthquakes, tsunamis, and weather. More and more people are realising the weather manipulation potential of HAARP but it goes deeper even than that. It has now been revealed from official documents in New Zealand official archives that the American and New Zealand militaries were testing "a tsunami bomb" during the second world war. Imagine what they can do now. It has been my strong contention from the start that the tsunami that inundated Japan was an example of an engineered disaster that provided the excuse to explode reactors at Fukushima to release fantastic amounts of radiation. I have explained in my recent books why they want to eradiate the planets atmosphere. Especially at those levels where humans are. This is connected to the now acknowledged electromagnetic smog generated by the astonishing number of electromagnetic technologies. 
I thoroughly recommend a YouTube video called 'Resonance - Beings of Frequency' to show the fantastic transformation of the electromagnetic field in a ridiculously short space of time.

I'm having a great night with Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) who I've found to be a highly intelligent and open minded man with a lot of very relevant things to say. Like anyone who sees the world differently he's often not understood and my goodness I know all about that. But if we speak our truth and our truth has validity eventually it will be shown to be so and that's whats beginning to happen. 
Thanks for the questions... I'm just off to bed. It's been a long but lovely day.


  1. Thank-you to all that were responsible for this Q&A including David.

  2. free speech? i guess not

  3. Not all all earthquakes and tsunamis are man-made. To find out which ones are man-made, check the status of the HAARP devices at the time of the event. And not all man-made earthquakes and tsunamis are made using HAARP devices. So much cat-and-mouse play.


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