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Saturday 31 August 2013

Profound Words Of Wisdom From Albert Einstein

What is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? 

To answer this question at all implies a religion. Is there any sense then, you ask, in putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow-creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life

So begins Albert Einstein’s The World As I See It, a collection of essays, articles and letters written between 1922 and 1934 focusing on the humane aspect of this scientific genius and revealing him as a man of compassion and wisdom acutely in tune with the problems faced by mankind, and the pressing need for science to serve the well-being of humanity, an ideal it clearly no longer serves.

Friday 30 August 2013

Obama should be stripped of his Nobel Peace prize if he starts Syria war

RT has hosted a panel of guests to discuss the possible scenarios that Syria is facing now that several Western countries are pushing for a military ‘response’, its effect on the region - and what Russia’s response to such an action might be.

RT’s guests were Sunni Hundai, author of the Liberal Conspiracy Theory, Marcus Papadopoulos, editor of Politics First, and Pavel Andreev, executive director of the Valdai Club Foundation.

There was a divergence of opinion among the panel’s guest about whether or not the US and its allies will attack.

Thursday 29 August 2013

The universe is comprised of information & energy, how to use it.

As quantum physics can now confirm, the universe we live in is not made up of solid objects but of energy and information. 

This discovery holds vast implications for understanding the nature of our world and in understanding the true source of vibrant health. It also means that it is possible to encapsulate all the concepts discussed in the world of holistic natural health into a single unified theory.

Universal law: The true source of health or disease

Since we reside in the universe, it is dictated that we are subject to universal and natural laws. That being said, in an information universe made up of energy, health or disease can only come from one place. That place is from information. The concept goes like this: When the cells in our bodies are aligned with pure, healthy sources of information, we are healthy. Likewise when we are exposed to distorted information fields, we can experience ill-health if we don't remove the source of the distorted information.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making

Washington and its British and French puppet governments are poised to yet again reveal their criminality. 

The image of the West as War Criminal is not a propaganda image created by the West’s enemies, but the portrait that the West has painted of itself.

The UK Independent reports that over this past week-end Obama, Cameron, and Hollande agreed to launch cruise missile attacks against the Syrian government within two weeks despite the lack of any authorization from the UN and despite the absence of any evidence in behalf of Washington’s claim that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the Washington-backed “rebels”, largely US supported external forces, seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Dear World, Americans Don't Want War With Syria

Open letter to the citizens of the world about our war-mongering government.

Dear World,

As the U.S. government fabricates its way into yet another aggressive war, this time in Syria, I understand why you might resent average Americans because we allow this war path to continue.

After Gaddafi's carcass was dragged through the streets of Libya, our Secretary of State told you with a demonic smirk "We came. We saw. He died." I get it, they make us look like bloodthirsty thugs.

Monday 26 August 2013

The Age of Aquarius

You can ask an Angel for help to solve a problem in your life.

Thinking about Angels it might be most of the time a vision of a beautifull powerfull Creature  'up there'  in the highest dimensions. How big is your multi dimensional Universe?

Them Being far away 'up there' or we getting some help maybe in a nearby future here would mean they're not with us right now & here. It can feel that way sometimes but realy, you think you managed all the way through your life without any help at all?

Sunday 25 August 2013

Scientists Reveal Human Brains are Hardwired for Empathy and Friendship

Are we hardwired for friendship? We just may be. One of the most defining features of humanity is our empathy and now, scientists have discovered why we may be hardwired to empathize.

In order to study our capacity for friendship and empathy, researchers examined 22 adult participants who underwent fMRI scans of their brains during experiments to monitor brain activity. During the scans, the volunteers were under threat of either receiving mild electrical shocks to themselves or to a friend or stranger.

Saturday 24 August 2013

Becoming Enlightened – Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

The ego, your personality, your sense of self surrenders…

You become totally at one with the present moment…

You start to feel as though you are at one with the breath…

You become the breath…

You can feel the sensation of the breath flowing in and out with every cell of your mouth and every cell of your body…

Thursday 22 August 2013

Dancing in the Vortex of Change

We appear to currently be in a kind of vortex, or a roiling series of etheric vortexes and scattered eddies of changing, swirling currents, carrying newly manifesting energetics as well as debris of all types, sizes and dimensions.

It’s wonderful exciting energy but it can be disconcerting at the same time.

We need to be careful to dodge the spiraling flak while maneuvering into and even reveling in the energetic vortex. It’s nothing to fear as long as we’re aware of what’s going on around us and stay on our toes.  The changes are changing and the winds are picking up.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Buddha's are here to stay.

In our recent history, some people went through the cycle of life's lessons, expierencing & understanding of who they were and what their relation to the world & cosmos was all about.

And some actually figured it out.
We all know their names.

Just before gautama Buddha died, his students asked him: "What should we do without you?"
Buddha's answer was: "Be your own light."

The other Guy told us: "You can do even greater things than me."    and:
"Act to an other person as if you are doing it to yourself."
[I still can't recite a biblephrase properly but hopefully I'm close]

Tuesday 20 August 2013

David Wilcock : The Synchronicity Key

What if the Universe is alive -- and is trying to communicate with you through synchronicity and the Law of Karma? 

Ancient 5000-Year-Old Egyptian Beads Trace Origin to Outer Space

Ancient 5000-Year-Old Egyptian Beads Trace its Origin to Outer Space (Photo : UCL Petrie Museum/Rob Eagle)

Researchers have finally confirmed that ancient iron relics, which were unearthed in 1911 from two burial sites, are pieces of meteorites that were hammered carefully into thin sheets before being rolled into tubes.

UK ordered Guardian to destroy hard drives in effort to stop Snowden revelations

UK authorities reportedly raided the Guardian’s office in London to destroy hard drives in an effort to stop future publications of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger revealed in a Monday article posted on the British newspaper's website that intelligence officials from the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) told him that he would either have to hand over all the classified documents or have the newspaper’s hard drives destroyed.

After more talks, two "security experts" from GCHQ - the British version of the National Security Agency - visited the Guardian’s London offices.

Rusbridger wrote that the government officials then watched as computers, which contained classified information passed on by Snowden, were physically destroyed in one of the newspaper building’s basements.

"We can call off the black helicopters," Rusbridger said one of the officials joked.

Another source familiar with the event confirmed to Reuters that Guardian employees destroyed the computers as UK officials observed.

During negotiations with the government, Rusbridger said that the newspaper could not fulfill its journalistic duty if it satisfied the authorities’ requests.

But GCHQ reportedly responded by telling the Guardian that it had already sparked the debate, which was enough. read more

UK detains Greenwald’s partner under Terrorism Act, confiscates electronics
WikiLeaks posts 400 gigabytes of encrypted ‘insurance’ data online
You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On with Government Spying
Global security threat analyst says Global Governments are no longer in control


Monday 19 August 2013

Christians attacked, dozens of churches torched

A picture taken on August 18, 2013 shows the Amir Tadros coptic Church in Minya, some 250 kms south of Cairo, which was set ablaze on August 14, 2013. (AFP Photo/Virginie Nguyen Hoang)

Nearly 40 churches across Egypt were looted and set ablaze, while 23 others were severely damaged in attacks over the last several days. 

It remains unclear who is behind the attacks, with both the Muslims Brotherhood and extremists being blamed.

In one incident, the Archangel Michael Church, about 50 kilometers from Cairo, became the latest victim of the violence sweeping Egypt.

The unknown attackers sprayed graffiti on the church, with the inscriptions reading, "Allah u Akbar" ["God is Great"], "Egypt is Islamic," and "Sisi is a Murderer," referring to army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Islamists also paraded three Christian nuns through the streets and sexually abused two other women in Cairo after torching a Franciscan school over the weekend.

The assault follows multiple attacks and acts of arson targeting Coptic churches, as well as the homes and businesses of Christian minorities in Egypt. read more

The police keep firing; the bodies pile up. In Cairo, bloodbaths are now a daily occurrence

It is a disgrace, a most shameful chapter in Egyptian history. 

The police – some wearing black hoods – shot down into the crowds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters from the roof of Cairo’s Ramses Street police station and surrounding streets.

They even fired at traffic on the airport highway. And to see their terrible work, you had only to climb the pink marble steps of the Al-Fath Mosque – sticky with fresh blood yesterday evening – and see the acre of wounded lying on deep-woven carpets and, in a remote corner, 25 shrouded corpses. Dr Ibrahim Yamani gently lifted the bandages from their bodies: shot in the face, shot in the head, shot in the chest.

So now we have the Ramses Square Massacre – these bloodbaths seem to come by the week, if not by the day – and even as I left the mosque last night, where praying Muslims knelt beside the moaning wounded, a team of paramedics pounded on the chest of a terribly wounded young man. “We are going to lose him,” one of the other doctors said. So was it now 26 dead? The paramedics talked of exploding bullets, and certainly one man’s head had been half blown away. His face was unrecognisable.

The flies were already gathering, swatted from one corpse by a man in tears who was kneeling on the ground. When they could, the medical staff wrote the names of the dead in crayon on their naked bodies. “Zeid Bilal Mohamed” was scrawled on one chest. The dead still deserve names. The last corpse to be brought into the mosque was that of Ahmed Abdul Aziz Hafez. There were – I couldn’t count after the first 50, but the doctors insisted on the figure – 250 wounded.

What was so extraordinary – not to the crowds, perhaps, for they have grown used to this thuggery – was to see some of the faces of the killers. There was a man with a moustache and close-cropped hair on the roof of the police station waving a pistol in the air and shouting obscenities to crowds on the motorway below him. To his left, a policeman wearing a black hood, crouching by the wall, pointed his automatic rifle at the cars on the highway. One of his bullets passed between my driver and myself, whizzing off into the square.

An hour earlier, I had been chatting to the security police at the burned-out Rabaa Mosque in Nasr City – the scene of Wednesday’s massacre – and one of them, in an all-black uniform, cheerfully told me that “we do the work, and the army watches”. This was one of yesterday’s more important truths. For the army stayed a mile from the slaughter in Ramses Square, sitting atop their spanking clean armoured vehicles. No blood on their spotless uniforms.

For two hours, the police gunfire swept the crowds. Two big police armoured cars appeared several times on an overpass and gunfire spattered down on to the square from two narrow steel turrets perched oddly atop the vehicles. At one point, a machine-gun could be heard firing at the crowd of 20,000, 30,000, and later, perhaps 40,000 people, but certainly not a million as the Brotherhood were to claim. The huge body of people twitched and moved like a bubble towards the mosque.

As the police drove up the overpass, dozens of young men – trapped by their approach – began shimmying down an electrical cable to the ground. But one boy jumped to the top of a tree, missed the highest branches, and fell 30 feet to the ground on his back. Panic, fear, fury – “See how they kill us!” a woman in a scarf shouted at us, not without reason – and, I suppose, a kind of courage seized the crowd. They knew this was going to happen. So did the police. The “government” – I suspect it deserves its quotation marks – told the people 24 hours earlier that any attacks on official buildings would be met with live fire. The cops had all the permission they needed. And all the ammunition.

But let us not be romantic about the Muslim Brotherhood. My colleague Alastair Beach saw a man in the crowd firing a rifle at the police. read more

Record eruption at Japanese volcano, city covered in ash

Sakurajima, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, has covered the city of Kagoshima in southern Japan in ash and spewed a record-high cloud of smoke 5 kilometers into the sky.

The smoke plume was the highest since 2006, when meteorologists began storing data on smoke during eruptions from the volcano.

Sunday’s eruption was the largest at Sakurajima in decades, but the 500th recorded this year, according to

Lava flowed 1 kilometer from the volcano, but no injuries or damage were reported.

People living in Kagoshima, a city of 600,000 people 10 kilometers from the volcano, wore masks and raincoats, and took umbrellas to protect themselves from the hazardous ash.

Volcanic ash causes respiratory problems and can damage eyesight. Minerals present in volcanic ash can also trigger fatal lung diseases.

Local officials seemed unfazed by the latest eruption, however. read more


WikiLeaks posts 400 gigabytes of encrypted ‘insurance’ data online

WikiLeaks has released a trove of encrypted “insurance” data on Twitter and Facebook. 

The data can’t be read without an encryption key, but the movement’s supporters say that could be published later in case anything happens to leading WikiLeaks figures.

The whistleblowing organization published links for a massive 400 gigabytes worth of encrypted data it described as “insurance documents” on its Twitter and Facebook accounts. It is possible to download the files but advanced encoding prevents them from being opened.

The group described encryption as a necessary measure in light of previous attempts to block its leaking of classified information.

The practice of encoding data and then later releasing the key is not uncommon for WikiLeaks, but the sheer size of the files has attracted considerable attention. WikiLeaks followers on Facebook and Twitter speculated on what the documents might contain, and also that the key would be released if anything should happen to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. read more

You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On with Government Spying

New Revelations Are Breaking Every Day

Revelations about the breathtaking scope of government spying are coming so fast that it’s time for an updated roundup:

  • Just weeks after NSA boss Alexander said that a review of NSA spying found not even one violation, the Washington Post published an internal NSA audit showing that the agency has broken its own rules thousands of times each year
  • Each violation could have resulted in many Americans being spied upon.  The ACLU notes, “some of these incidents seem to have implicated the privacy of thousands or millions of innocent people
  • EFF points out:  “The thousands of violations only include the NSA’s main office in Maryland—not the other—potentially hundreds—of other NSA offices across the country. And even more importantly, the documents published by the Post reveal violations increasing every year”
  • 2 Senators on the intelligence committee said the violations revealed in the Post article were just the “tip of the iceberg”  

Nearly 1 Year After FOIA Request Sharyl Attkisson Denied Access to Benghazi Details & Photos by White House & FBI

CBS News journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been one of the major investigative journalists covering the Benghazi story.

She’s been submitting Freedom of Information Act requests since last Fall when the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya was attacked on September 11, 2012.

Now, nearly one year later, Attkisson has received an answer to her requests. Instead of providing the requested information, The White House and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has told Attkisson that they really aren’t interested in being that transparent with the information.

On Friday, Attkisson reported the denial of information via her Twitter account
read more

UK detains Greenwald’s partner under Terrorism Act, confiscates electronics

The partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald was held at Heathrow airport under the UK Terrorism Act for the maximum time allowed before pressing charges. 

Amnesty International dubbed the move an unwarranted revenge after Greenwald revealed NSA spy programs.

David Miranda was passing through London en route from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives with Greenwald - the Guardian journalist who in a series of articles helped Edward Snowden to reveal the scale of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs.

Miranda was detained for questioning by security officers at Heathrow around 8am local time, under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Officials held him for almost nine hours without pressing any charges, which is the maximum amount of time that a person is allowed to be held under the controversial law.

Officers released him after confiscating all of his electronic equipment. According to the Guardian, officers confiscated Miranda’s mobile phone, laptop, camera, memory sticks, DVDs, and even his gaming console.  read more

Global security threat analyst says Global Governments are no longer in control.

Do you believe in ghost ? 

 Whatever the answer is, Global security threat analyst Baron Baretzky says that governments and its bureaucracy’s are no longer in control of their environment.

He says that there are several factors at play for this and that there could be as much as three hierarchy’s in controlling governments and bureaucracy’s today.

Intelligence research indicates that orders from above might not be from what we perceive as the above to be. It seems that there are three types of orders prompting governments to act and react. The first is what he called mass consciousness, factors and decisions of government’s are often directed by the equation of mass influences.

This could range from the media influences boiling directly to the man on the street. This is what he called an exercise controlled measure that certainly enforces to ensure the outcome at any predicted point and time.  Egypt is a good example where such risks were at play and proven to be fact rather than fiction.

Baretzky said that the second factor is that of the perception of a governments being in control, whilst  security threatening decisions are driven by politicians and the industrial complex as clearly indicated in the present climate of a looming middle eastern war caught in the world of politics. The third  factor he said is the one we should be most concerned about.

He called this the threat of the “Third kind” from a higher order that seems to have excessive manipulative powers over governments and driving their Bloodthirst for bureaucracy on global scale. He said that its time for politicians and governments to take a good look at their values and ethics if there is any left. The “Third Kind” seems to be right from a fiction movie but, recently it became evident that this might be as real as you get. read more

Sunday 18 August 2013

More Chicken McNugget 'strange fiber' photos released by Natural News Forensic Food Labs

Since when do chickens have hair? 

The forensic microscopy investigation was conducted by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, using clean laboratory protocols.

These new photos, shown below, appear to depict microscopic hairs, fibers or strands of varying colors and shades throughout the McDonald's Chicken McNugget samples. All the following photos were taken at 200X magnification. The hair-like fibers you see here are much smaller than a human hair or animal hair (see comparison below). The Chicken McNuggets were purchased on August 15, 2013 at a McDonald's restaurant in Austin, Texas.

Natural News broke the story yesterday about mysterious fibers found in Chicken McNuggets, and the story has been covered by and thousands of other websites across the 'net.

"These microscopic images of strange fibers in Chicken McNuggets do not mean they are unsafe to consume," reiterates Mike Adams, who led the microscopy research project. "But they do raise many questions about the origin of the ingredients used in Chicken McNuggets, and they possibly raise red flags about quality control procedures used in the manufacture of this popular fast food."
read more

Studies & reports linking fracking with lung cancer and arsenic poisoning

Fracking is a process to unlock vast reserves of shale gas by pumping toxic chemicals in the ground. 

In fracking, large volumes of water and sand, along with chemical additives, are injected under high pressure into a well bore to create small cracks (fissures) in hard shale formations that allow the gas to flow to the surface.

Concerned citizens in the UK protested on thursday, july the 25th 2013 against fracking and the pollution of their environment.


Recent  scientific evidence proofs that their concerns about health issues are very reasonable.

Researchers at the University of Texas found high levels of poisonous arsenic contamination in ground water occurring in close proximity to fracking sites. Study here.

"At least some of the homeowners who claim that their wells were contaminated by shale-gas extraction appear to be right," Robert Jackson, lead author of the study, said in a statement.

Another report, this time by the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health which shows there is strong evidence linking fracking sites with lung cancer.

A study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found that workers at 11 hydraulic fracturing sites in five states were exposed to high levels of crystalline silica dust.

Normally, the sand used for fracking is silica. Small particles of the mineral can enter people's lungs as respirable crystalline silica and causes silicosis, a disease that inflames and scars lungs, making it difficult to breath. Exposure to silica was also believed to cause lung cancer.

The NIOSH study found that over 100 tested air samples contained high concentrations of silica dust.

Concentrations were above the permissible exposure limit recommended by NIOSH.

Discussions & conflicts are occuring now in Australia, Canada, China, UK, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, USA & The Netherlands.


The used chemicals & obtained methane gas are poluting:
  • Groundwater [study]
  • Wells [study]
  • Tapwater [the water most people drink] ->

Protests on fracking:


Fracktivists: At least 15 arrests at anti-fracking rally outside London

Pink Snow Surprises Residents In Karaghanda

Summer is not yet over, but this does not prevent strange snow for showing up in some parts of the world.

Residents in Karaghanda, Kazakhstan witnessed extraordinary snowfall on August 13. Snow falling from the sky was pink!

Meteorologists predicted rainfall on that day, but snow fell instead. According to weather experts this is a normal and natural phenomenon that cannot always be predicted, just like a tornado or storm.

Extreme weather conditions have surprised us before. We have seen on a couple of occasions how lakes and seas have suddenly turned red.


In August, 2012 a lake in Southern France unexpectedly changed color. The charming Camargue, France is a river delta where the Rhône meets the sea

This region is home to a number of salt flats and this concentration of salt sometimes stain the red the regions normally blue water.


July, 2012 scientists and citizens were stunned to see how the Azov Sea suddenly turned red.

The officials have been trying to calm down people, explaining that although this does not happen often it is a natural phenomenon that does sometimes occur.

Azov Sea, or Sea of Azov as it is often called is situated off the southern shores of Ukraine and Russia.

It forms a northern extension of the Black Sea, to which it is linked on the south by the Kerch Strait. The Sea of Azov is about 210 miles (340 km) long and 85 miles (135 km) wide and has an area of about 14,500 square miles (37,600 square km).


In September, 2012  The Yangtze river in China turned red.
It is the last thing the residents of Chongqing would have expected to see.
But the Yangtze river, which runs through the city in south-western China, turned a bright shade of orange-red  September 2012.

The waterway where the Yangtze met the Jialin River provided a fascinating contrast as the red started to filter into the other river.


Morning shower paints rural Kannur red Jun 29, 2012

Though not for first time in the state, red rain in parts of Kannur on Thursday did create some panic and curiosity among the residents in the district. The strange phenomenon happened around 6:50am and lasted for 15 minutes. People in the 1km area in and around Edachery in Puzhati panchayat panicked as their courtyards turned blood red after rain.

Red rain takes Pathanamthitta by surprise

When residents of some places in the district of Pathanamthitta woke up on Tuesday morning, they were surprised to see red coloured rain water collected in their vessels kept outside.

"We normally collect rain water to wash vessels and clothes because the water in our place is a rare commodity. We leave our vessels in the open at night. When we checked today (Tuesday) morning, the vessels contained red water," said Anitha, a housewife living near Pathanamthitta town.

Similar reports of "red rain" water collected in vessels have been reported in a few places near Konni and Ranni.

Red rain flummoxes Madikeri residents

Bagavathinagar, Mahadevpet and other extensions here experienced "red rain" on Tuesday from 7am to 8am. A science teacher of Gundurao Extension, B Veena, collected some rain water. She showed it to her school principal Ponnamma of General Thimmaiah School, Madikeri, and students.

C G Kushalappa, scientist and professor, Forest College, Ponnampet, said such instances had occurred in foreign countries, where the rainwater had sulphur dioxide particles and was called acid rain.

Sri Lanka

Red rains were also reported from November 15, 2012 to December 27, 2012 occasionally in eastern and north-central provinces of Sri Lanka.

The mysterious red rain in Sri Lanka in 2012 was the beginning of a phenomenal series of events which have been continued with red, yellow and green coloured rains. These odd colored rains have been reported over the last few weeks in Sri Lanka.

Reasons for blood rain aside from dust are sometimes given. Schove and Peng-Yoke have suggested that the phenomenon may be connected to sunspots and aurorae. When red rain fell in Kerala, dust was the suspected cause. Alternative theories included dust from a meteorite and extraterrestrial cells in the water. These were later dismissed. The particles causing the red colour in Kerala were "morphologically similar" to algae and fungal spores.