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Sunday 29 June 2014

25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening

There is no doubt the Earth is evolving spiritually. People are experiencing intense changes within their life, work, behaviors and personal relationships. Many are awakening at a rate that can only be described as phenomenal. So how do we know if we are awakening? Here are 25 common characteristics you may find in yourself and others.

Some of you may experience things not on this list and I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below. We are all unique and many of us are experiencing phenomenon that are difficult to explain at this time. We are all learning from each other.

Friday 27 June 2014

Humanity in an all-out effort to save itself from government

The experience of humanity is driven and defined by our own consciousness, which is a product of our sophisticated brain functions. We are consciousness in every way shape and form. 

Control of this miracle of consciousness is sought by a few individuals who are actually suffering from a mental (disconnect) disorder. What psychiatrists sometimes refer to as the psychopathic mind. Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of being a psychopath is that the individual exhibiting the psychopathic behavior has little to no insight into their own actions. In this example, we can say that the “consciousness” is missing from the equation.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Milky Way Galaxy May Have 100 Million Planets that Could Support Life

Could other planets support life? It's likely, and there may be more in our very own galaxy than previously thought. Astronomers have found that there are about 100 million other places in the Milky Way galaxy that could support complex life.

The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 planets and used a formula that considered planet density, temperature, substrate, chemistry, distance from its central star and age. This gave scientists a good sense of whether the planet could potentially support life; from this, the researchers created the Biological Complexity Index (BCI).

Saturday 7 June 2014

6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now

Absolutely everything is a wave of energy and there are many new energies taking place on Earth. We’ve shifted consciousness, but we’re still using old reflections to create our reality. 

Abundance in all aspects of life is now much easier to achieve in the new vibration and a confidence in our abilities will soon magnify to great levels in the coming years. There will be some obstacles and challenges ahead, but know that the following shifts in our being are happening right now as all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice.