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Thursday 14 March 2013

How the Mighty have Fallen: The Next Steps in Reclaiming our World and Ourselves

In just over one month, history has been made.

One Pope has fallen, the Vatican is in disarray, and heads of state are evading arrest warrants after being publicly tried and sentenced for Crimes against Humanity.

And thanks to the February 25 verdict of our Common Law Court, the legitimate authority of the Vatican and the British Crown has been disestablished by the fact that their heads of state are now wanted criminals.

As at the Nuremberg Trials, not only criminal actors but the system they represent have been lawfully judged and sentenced before the world. Our Common Law Court verdict has given all of us a rare historical opportunity to reclaim power from those who have for so long usurped it.

The question now faces us: Will we do so?

To grasp the momentous nature of what has happened and the glowing chance humanity has been given to free itself of its oldest tyranny, let's remember a few key events:

January 30, 2013: The International Common Law Court's Prosecution concludes its case against Thirty officials accused of Genocide in Canada, including the Pope and four top Vatican officers. The Accused do not respond to or deny the charges. The Jury of thirty three sworn citizens then judges the evidence.

February 4: A diplomatic note is issued to the Vatican Secretariat by a European government working with our Common Law Court, concerning its impending Arrest Warrant against one of the accused, Joseph Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict)

February 11: Joseph Ratzinger resigns as Pope

February 15: Ratzinger is given sanctuary and "legal immunity" by the Vatican

February 25: The Common Law Court Jury unanimously finds Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor and 28 others guilty as charged of Crimes against Humanity and Criminal Conspiracy, and sentences them to 25 years imprisonment and loss of property and authority. The guilty are given one week to comply.

March 3: The occupation and seizure of church property begins in Canada, England, the United States and Italy.

March 4: The guilty do not comply. Common Law Citizen Arrest Warrants are then issued by the Court for the detainment of Ratzinger, Windsor and others. Attempted arrests proceed.

March 7: A Public Notice declares that the legal and political authority of the governments, courts and police of the Vatican, Canada, England and other Commonwealth nations is nullified and disestablished. The Notice calls for new Constitutional Republics in these countries and for Civil Constitutions which nationalize church property and governance. (see, March 7)

Our Goal, and The Next Steps
For years, the aim of our movement has been to uproot the institutional and spiritual source of centuries of murderous crimes against the innocent by the corporate empire known as the Vatican, and its many offshoots. We have begun to do so now, lawfully and openly.

The mask has finally slipped, for those who can see and understand. The perpetrators of the worst Genocide in human history stand not only condemned and sentenced, but legally and morally disestablished.

As well, the aura of legitimacy and authority – what some call the Archon, or the overarching spiritual or "group mind" of the institutions we have judged – has been shattered, in the manner of a massive collective exorcism. A spell has been broken, the Angel and Archon of Rome has departed, and the ground has been prepared for a new seeding.

The collapse of Rome is sending an enormous shock wave across our planet, on many levels: for the authority of most governments and corporations that have dominated and ruined our world emanate from the legal and belief system established by the Vatican Empire.

Equally powerful has been our resurrection of the Common Law as a practical weapon to restore justice and sovereignty to the people.

Everything, in short, is in transition; and the cowering of supposed "rulers" in evasion of our Arrest Warrants is a clear sign that the "mighty" are indeed fallen, and falling.

Taking back the power from these criminals is up to every one of us now. But how will we assert this new freedom and identity, and reclaim the world?

We're already beginning. In eight countries, twenty one local action groups have formed to reclaim the property and lands of the criminal churches named in our Verdict. And in Canada, England, the United States and Italy, the Citizens' Arrests of the guilty "Dirty Thirty" is commencing.

About Citizens' Arrests
Consider the word. "Arrest" means "to stop" in French: and our aim is to not simply detain but forever stop the guilty and the systems they represent, of fraud, conquest and murder.  And that won't happen simply by locking away a few figureheads, even though that's what the law requires.

In truth, it's easier than you realize to stop people in power – especially when they know they're guilty of a crime.

You have the upper hand, first of all, because the guilty have everything to lose, and you have much less at stake. And so it's terribly easy for you to expose, mock and embarrass them, loudly and publicly.

By naming, shaming and banishing them, you puncture the tenuous balloon of their moral authority. And you can even achieve what we have done to the former Pope and the British Queen and the Canadian Prime Minister, which is to cause them to either resign or hide out of public view to evade the small but deadly weapon that we hold: the truth of what they are.

If we can't detain such officials after trying, that too helps us, since then they're exposed as the cowards they are, and the police and authorities as their accomplices in crime.

The truth is that a convicted criminal has no authority any more, under the law: including monarchs, popes and prime ministers. We just need to press that point home now.

Besides, most of the people we're arresting aren't heads of state and have no real protection around them. They're mostly low level clergymen, church officials, RCMP officers, and even a fat CEO of an American eco-terrorist corporation called Weyerhauser. Who's going to rush to defend these jokers, especially now that their complicity in genocide, child rape and murder is exposed to the world?

Think of those slaughtered children whenever you doubt what we must and can do next.

Reclaiming church property and land
This is the easy part. Churches are already open, public spaces since they're maintained by your taxes.

Our occupation and seizure of Catholic and Protestant churches is an act of responsible citizenry, for we'll be opening them to the homeless and all the victims of church torture. And so no cop or priest can legally evict you from any church if you're being peaceful – especially if a few dozen of you show up with all your kids.

So make your seizure of churches a permanent and ongoing thing; you're not protesting, you're reclaiming. Set up soup kitchens and beds in the sanctuary. Quote Jesus while you're doing it: he has plenty to say about religious hypocrites and the blessedness of children, and the poor.

Trust us: our experience proves that when anyone threatens the property and money of these fraudulent churches, they fold. That is their Achilles' heel.

Besides, taking back the wealth stolen from us all is justice in action. These churches have never paid a dime of taxes. Now we're taxing them, by reclaiming them with a sort of direct peoples' levy.

The Bigger Picture: Spiritual Reclamation
But fun church seizures and arrests of fat clerics aside, the startling truth is that these institutions have already been disestablished, legally, morally and spiritually. Once you and only about 2% of humanity awaken to that reality, it will become a fact of everyday life.

We've always known that our work is ultimately a spiritual battle: a fight for the mind and soul of humanity in the face of a force that has enslaved our people for millenia. We are engaged in a literal, mass exorcism.

And so despite the initial emphasis of our campaign on the legal front, we have been accompanied and protected from the beginning by spiritual elders, shamanic workers and people of many faiths. The conscience and prayers of countless men and women have been a great shield around those of us on the front line of this battle, and has brought the malevolent spirit that we face to a standstill.

During Easter Week, from March 24 to 31, a focused Spiritual Reclamation will commence that will culminate in a fasting and public exorcism between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, outside and inside these churches. This exorcism will complete the cycle begun by Kevin Annett and others outside the Vatican in October, 2009.

More of this will be shared with you in the coming week.

Clearly, we are using the ITCCS-Common Law Court as a springboard to launch this broader Spiritual and Community Reclamation Movement to alter our societies and ourselves from the grassroots.

Liberated hearts and minds always usher forth new ways of living and governing ourselves. But to develop new systems of cooperative Common Law government, we need a trained cadre of leaders to lead this revolution from below.

And so in the coming days, all of our Action Groups will begin to hold leadership training workshops to plan the details and strategy of this Reclamation Movement, and create the political and spiritual and will for it to endure. A Training Manual is forthcoming, concerning the ITCCS and its history, the Common Law, the Reclamation Vision and Spirituality, and the rules of spiritual and political engagement.

Finally …
To further this entire campaign, Kevin Annett will be commencing a six month global speaking and organizing tour on behalf of the ITCCS and this new spiritual-political reclamation movement, from April through to October, 2013. He'll be visiting twelve countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

Kevin has been one of the few ITCCS officers mentioned publicly until now, primarily for security and the safety of its officials, some of whom are sensitively placed in governments or legal bodies. Six members of the ITCCS have died from clear foul play since 2009 after being publicly vocal about crimes of church and state.

However, more ITCCS members are going public since the Common Law Court verdict, including Jury members Lisa Shannon and Melanie Spencer, and ITCCS organizers Gerry O'Donovan, Dave O'Brien and John Deegan in Ireland, Thierry David in France and Rev. Joshua Lemmens in Canada.

Thanks for staying part of our movement. Carry it on! We have a world to win back!

ITCCS Central Communique 12 March, 2013

Video interview with Kevin D. Arnett wit Alfred Lambremont Webre:

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