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Wednesday 20 March 2013

The power of prayer

For numerous years religious people try to communicate by saying a prayer to God  who has a lot of names.

 They ask a question, express a feeling or intention, share their deepest thoughts, make a wish or even curse. In a thought or speaking it out loud. The most prayers He receives are with good intentions and unselfish wishes often sealed by tears.

Sometimes when a prayer doesn't work people ask “why?”. 

Here is why:
God wouldn't be Him (or Her) if he only responded to our prayers for He sees all your thoughts, intentions, feelings and actions in life. We can do anything in our life to people, think and feel anything we want and try to solve the mess we've made with a prayer and if He would respond only to these prayers, our life would be very easy. And we all know it isn't.

This seems to make praying useless but the truth is that its very powerfull. Sometimes a curious response is received after a prayer but mostly not to all of them. From the highest dimension where He is we intuitively know that He sees all aspects of us before and after prayer too in our daily life.
It would make more sense in this Universe that he doesn't only see everything but also guiding life to make it all grow physically and in consciousness, awareness and happiness. Like a gardener who takes good care of his crops and animals by giving them what they need to grow.

So there is a difference in what we want in a prayer and what we actually need for our growing process.

That difference is simply the fact -that can no longer be ignored- that all our thoughts, intentions and actions at this moment are really creating our future. Many blessed people around the world are aware of this. This awareness changed already thousands people's life's profoundly.

As more people wake up to the fact that they have actually a real powertool to create their futureworld, this is already causing a Global snowballeffect. The fun part is that everyone's already doing it even if you're a religious person or not. Thinking, feeling, wanting, talking and acting all day. Even atheïsts believe something: there is no Higher Power or order in the chaos. From a point of view that can feel very true because our daily lives can be like that sometimes.

By starting to observe your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions you become the watcher and finally the gardener of yourself.

Be carefull what you pray for, you might get it...


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