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Tuesday 21 May 2013

It's time to throw your arms up

You are at the point on this journey where you cannot see around the bend.  For most of the trip you’ve had those who went before you, telling you what to expect.  No one has travelled this road yet – you are the first.  Your elders, teachers and parents are right here with you.

They cannot tell you what is coming, but they can tell you this: You are fully equipped for this and no one is more so.  There is nothing wrong with you – everything is right with you.  You have come for just this moment.

Until now, it may have seemed you were wrong – you did not fit in one of society’s approved boxes.  Awake now, you can see the reasons for this.  Those boxes were meant to contain you, to shape you and to get you to conform.  You were meant to fly.

Do not let a credit rating, income level, authority or __________________ (fill in the blank) tell you otherwise.  YOU ARE GODS – HERE TO USHER IN A NEW WORLD.

You were never supposed to fit in.  You are not a slave, and unlike many other humans, you’ve always known it.

Something is wrong with this system and you’ve sensed it all along.  There were not words to define it, you felt it within.

Now, you know.  What was wrong could not be blamed on you.  What was wrong was the system itself.

Today you will be the ones to show the way – first in line, with your hands thrown into the sky and grinning from ear to ear.  The downhill ride is about to begin.  Show us how it is done.

Bill Hicks used to say “It’s just a ride”.  We’ve reached the top of the roller coaster.  You know that place.  It is approached gradually.  First there is a lot of planning and scheduling.  Then there is that incredibly long, slow moving line.  Then it is finally your turn and you enter a car.  You strap yourself in and ascend, bit by bit.  Regardless of how long you’ve waited or how prepared you are – that initial drop is a shock.

There are two ways to ride this coaster – hanging on with an iron grip or letting go, arms up.  You are here now to show us how to let go.  You’ve always known the rules were stupid, that’s why you broke them.  You’ve always felt out of place, that’s why nothing ever seemed to fit.  Well, now, right now, it is you that will lead us.  You fit perfectly.

Conformity is not necessary, courage is.  Blame is not called for, bravery is.  Rules?  There are none.  This ride and the methods to enjoy it are without limits or restrictions.  Everything about you that has been labeled wrong is needed right now.  It is time.  It is your time. It is an honor to witness your BEcoming.

What are you waiting for?  You are the One.


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