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Saturday 18 January 2014

What is Reality and what is it made of ?

Digging deeper into the understanding of reality we come to a conclusion that Reality is not exactly what we have always thought! What is reality? A question that troubled and still trouble many of the greatest minds.

Almost everything is created by a combination of 2 elementary particles, Bosons and Fermions. Matter is created by Fermions, and Bosons are the ones that hold matter together, like a glue. Despite these 2 elementary particles, matter is also created by waves and elements like Photons, which light is created from, that are both waves and particles.

So we come to the realization that matter is created by a combination of waves and particles. The other part of everything is created by some invisible force we call Energy. So everything is a combination of Matter and Energy.

The Energy is usually invisible and it is as important as Matter. It may come from a physical or chemical reaction, from thought, from ritual, belief.. it’s immortal and timeless which means that exists both only in a moment and through eternity. But, what is  Energy exactly?

If Matter is the object than The Energy is what makes the object change, move. Energy and Matter are as different as the Immaterial and the Material. If energy is what drives matter than energy is the thing that tells how matter will change so in a way, how matter organizes itself is a product of energy.

Then, what is the energy product of? Our logic may not understand this but energy is a product of matter. This 2 work as 1 and they shape our reality. What we think and believe is what will become and what will become will determine what we will think.

So here comes the question of free will and freedom of choice. If everything is this loop of infinite interaction between matter and energy than it is already predetermined what will become, right? Everything is like a big domino effect and the first domino was pushed a long, long time ago.

Well, it may look like that, but we forget about one variable. Us! We are the product of matter and energy as everything else but we are also the “god of our own matter and energy”.

We are entire universe for its own and we choose how it will develop. The only freedom of choice we have is the choices of what we believe and what has meaning for us. If we choose our beliefs carefully and decide what will have meaning for us, we control what our thoughts will be shaped into, therefore, what our actions will be, and what our reality will become.

We are Matter and Energy that creates and shapes Matter and Energy. Decide what your purpose is, what your vision is and what your dreams are, choose the beliefs that will help you the most on your way to achieving them, and take action to make them reality.
So now, what is reality?
The answer is: Reality is what you decide and make it to be. You create your own reality!

Dejan Davcevski

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