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Saturday 13 April 2013

Ascension and Reality

Everyone has heard about the coming Ascension.

Our existence has many sources, and a lot of differing viewpoints.
Perspective, or the take on that is multifaceted, and complex. Perception tells us all that we still have many questions, and most do not have a clue as to where to start looking for answers.

Then there is that large crowd of so called ‘gurus’ saying follow me… As the song says, everything is a hazy shade of winter…

Further into this, the real question is exposed, naked and unprotected,
‘Is it the winter of my soul to which I am doomed?’
Several ‘belief systems’ teach that the spiritual destinations are separate
and outside the individual.

OK then, Who says so? By what Authority?
It is because you need to know, not guess, and be sure of the answer…
Insight, inside information, and things most others miss are what will be
found here.

Every last thing will be Divided by Truth.
Many will take exception because they are still drinking the cool-aid.
It is 3D that is the Hazy Shade of Winter, our present existence.
Purgatory- intermediate state after death, punishment for past sins in order
to become fit for heaven…Really?

Then there is that very scary final destination…Hell, Hades, basement…
So where does this all leave all of us?
For those who do not know, 3D is the testing ground. The idea of ‘testing’ is
not the best way to see how people will react. Then add in the ‘bad ET’s’ messing
everything up, and it gets messy.

What we got was the bad group appearing as ‘angels and light beings’…
These are the ones who ‘appeared’ to those who wrote things down that we find in
scrolls. In order to form a more perfect union, to blind everyone from the truth, AND
even go to the extent of ‘contradicting’ what was written, etc.
Our ‘test zone’ is known as Earth. The ‘tested’ entities, are us.

Purgatory is now, and the Hell that is to follow, is very nasty…
Here we are again, wondering, so exactly what do we do with all that???
Most have heard of ‘the end times’. And yes, lots of ideas on that too…
The Calendar date of 12/21/12 is not what most think. Rather than being
a full fledged end, it was a ‘crossover point’. One ‘cycle’ ended and a new one began,
both at the same time.

Near to this comes the ‘second coming’, ‘rapture’, and the ‘prophesies’.
Answers are do…

The 12/21/12 date also started the process of ‘awakening’. What happens
will surprise some as to how far it  goes and that it seems to keep going.
Each of us are to start becoming aware of our ‘psychic’ abilities. You will
find that you are more aware, knowing things before they happen- precognition; being
able to tell a good thing from a bad one-discernment; and in many instances, to some
degree, actually hear thoughts- telepathy.

As this progresses, you will seem to be going more towards the spiritual and
away from the physical.
Mankind will shed some of parts of our physical orientations. No, you are not
going to be unable to function as you do now, BUT, there will be some changes.
Each individual on this planet will be required to learn the difference between
3D and 4D, in order to be able to decide IF you want to stay 3D or go to 4D.
Those of us who have knowledge are going to be putting it out in order to help
those who don’t know…splain things an all that.

It now comes down to just one thing… Who Are You???
Would very many of any reading this, NOT want to become an angel?
As for me, I offer my take, you decide.
Stand up! Refuse to be a slave any longer…
Stand Forth! Volunteer yourself in order to learn…
Think in terms of Your Wildest Dreams! How much Good could you do were You
to become an Angel?

Mathew 6, vs 22 : The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light.
When you look around, you see a whole picture, not one for each eyeball. Simply,
you get a general and overall picture.

That ‘single eye’ refers to your ability to ‘see’ through the use of life and spiritual
energies. This is almost unlimited and unparallelled in what everyone has been led to believe.
Just as a mother knows their kid hurt themselves when they can’t be seen by mom,
so can you. Neat part is that there is no ‘requirement’ of pain or hurt, just a willingness to
accept. Yes, that is right, I said ‘accept’.

Many hold knowledge, and many do not. Regular people do these things all the
time. A lot of these people do not have the scientific knowledge to fully explain it, yet, there
they are, doing ‘it’ anyway. One can simply ‘believe’ or get schooled in the knowledge of how.
So what are you waiting for?
Get out there and go for it!
Remember, this is taking place anyway.
Think you might want to get ready?

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