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Monday 22 April 2013

The OPPT Code has been cracked

To all the freemen out there who read this:

 You already know that the reason why you have success in fighting the authorities both in and out of their courts is that you assert your own rights to self determination, and this self determination comes from the living soul within you. That living soul has never been defined in legal jurisdiction because it is not a concrete or tangible thing, even though it is evident by it’s own existence. It is your only defence against those who try and rule over you.

To those who fall under the umbrella of newage belief systems: You choose not to take part in organized religion because you assert your individual spiritual beliefs that an entity communicating through your soul is your guide, not an organized religion. Your light from within guides your living soul and individual path through life, not governance or leaders whose aim it is to steer you down their path. You walk your own path.

Every document that OPPT has filed and/or published essentially attempts to define what our essence, aka our soul, is. By using the language in those documents and filing them with various levels of government, our souls become defined within legal jurisdiction. Once anything is defined within legal jurisdiction, whoever the authors of that jurisdiction (the authorities) are can then write into law rules and language to govern it. The courtesy notices further solidify those definitions by having individuals define their individual souls.

Previously, governments had to trick us into ruling over us through an elaborate web of deception with hidden meanings, dumbing down, facades, etc. because they had no way of claiming ownership of our essence which governs our own self determination.
Organized religions, which are simply structured belief systems that govern the soul, had to convince people to externalize their souls by accepting beliefs in an outside source of spirituality. They had to trick you into believing in something outside yourself and once you do the authors of the belief system get to control your soul.

This is why the OPPT thing concentrates so heavily on both freemen and newage religious types – because when you look at the world around you, you see that they are basically the only two groups of people left that assert their individuality and rights to self determination in their governance and spirituality. It’s an attempt to vacuum up the last of us out here who resist volunteering our consent to be governed by someone elses authority and beliefs.

The implications of having the soul of mankind, the essence, the source, etc. defined within legal jurisdiction and within commercial code is absolutely staggering to anyone who comprehends the purpose of legal systems and code.

OPPT is, by all intents and purposes, an attempt to define our essence, our soul, the one last thing we have within ourselves, which in and of itself brings it within the jurisdiction of commercial code and legalese, where the authors of said codes can write the rules that govern it.

I implore you all to think about this within yourself rather than listen to an outside source that might try and decieve you. Do not accept this. Do not allow someone to define your soul, your essence, your source, in legal and commercial code. Do not give anyone or any entity the ability to write the rules governing your soul. It’s your last true hope for freedom.

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