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Friday 13 September 2013

Syrian rebels murdered Catholics for refusing to convert to Islam [video]

The black jihadist flag is flying over the Christian town of Maaloula in Syria as the Army’s battle with opposition militants continues to rage.

A dramatic report by RT’s Maria Finoshina illustrates that while there had been talk that the rebels had abandoned the ancient town, whose inhabitants still speak the language of Jesus, snipers still occupy high positions.

As the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen confirms, the opposition militants who first attacked the town when a suicide bomber killed himself at a nearby checkpoint are from the terrorist al-Nusra Front, which killed US troops in Iraq and swore allegiance to Al-Qaeda earlier this year. FSA militants are fighting alongside the al-Nusra insurgents.

I’ve spoken to some local members of the National Defence Forces, a pro-government militia. They say they are fighting for their town and the fact it was a place where Christians and Muslims once lived side by side. They say they are fighting against the people they regard as terrorists,” writes Bowen, adding that residents claim rebels have desecrated Christian churches.

We previously documented two other instances where western-backed militants ransacked Christian churches in Syria.
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