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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Is The Earth Shifting Beneath Your Feet?

So how are you feeling? Do you feel that something is different? That something has shifted? Something that you can’t quite put your finger on… something imperceptible?

Well something IS different… you have shifted. We ALL have… but not everyone can see it yet. There is now a New Earth. Yes the Old Earth, you could say the 3-D Earth, is still there… both exist in parallel. However which one you experience depends upon your perception and your state of BEing in any given moment.

The New Earth is of a much higher energetic frequency than we are used to experiencing as a Constant during our time here on Earth… Because the frequency of the New Earth is the highest of all, that of LOVE. That is all there is, and that IS our prime frequency. And although we ARE LOVE, in order to live in the denser frequencies of the old 3-D Earth (just as we have done for aeons) we had to lower our frequency. And so we believe we have forgotten that is who we are… that BEing LOVE.

However our heart knows. Our very cells know. Love is our true frequency. And as we shift from the Old Earth to the New then our cellular memory is starting to take over… which is the feeling of shifting, and the perception chaos in your ‘world’.

New and Different

The perception of chaos is only caused by the shifting from the old and the comfortable to the new and the different. However the feeling of different is only in our perception too, because your cells remember who you really are. It is programmed in your DNA, and that is now ‘waking up’. THIS is what you are feeling!

You see, the New Earth cannot support the denser energies of our old programming, our old way of BEing. In other words, the New Earth cannot support much of what we are taught almost from the moment we are born, which is that we are all separate, and so you have to be the best, be better than, be more than, have more than anybody else – in order to be happy and successful.

Well that ‘teaching’ didn’t work did it? But it certainly got us all trying damn hard to compete and be better than… and when it didn’t work out, then that ‘teaching’ also taught us that we are a failure, not worthy… useless in fact. We have been controlled through our emotions. And of course the lower emotions are low frequency. And as we felt bad then so we attracted more of the same, since like frequencies attract like; the old Earth was enmeshed in a web of these lower frequencies and so we had nothing higher to attune to.

The New Earth

As I said, everything as you previously perceived it has changed. It may look the same, but again that too is perception – because you expect it to look the same, for now it will. But as you attune to the new higher frequency, the heart frequency – the frequency of YOUR heart – then things that you hadn’t noticed before will start appearing. The fog will start clearing… and things that were already here but not visible to you will become visible. It will seem as though these things have somehow miraculously appeared out of nowhere. For example a seemingly impossible dream will come true… I have seen this happen in the last few weeks for someone I know. But as I have stated above, all these things are already here, they are simply hidden in plain sight. In other words, as your consciousness shifts, so does your perception. This happens because, if you are open to shifting, then your heart will open, you will start shedding the limitations of the old 3-D Earth and you will start to not only remember but to be who you really are.

And who you really are is LOVE — as I have said many times before. And love IS the highest vibration of all. It is the frequency of the New Earth… the New Earth is the same frequency as you… you are one and the same… do you see? When you let go of the limitations we have imposed on ourselves through our perceived beliefs – which are not actually TRUTH – then you will see that anything IS possible and dreams DO come true.

Chaos or Expectation?

I talked in a recent article about chaos and the importance of chaos. Without chaos there is no change. That chaos is not a good thing is just a perception, a teaching of the Old Earth.

We have all been in a vortex of chaos: you have undoubtedly been feeling as though you were being pulled this way and that way, that things were going wrong, we’re not turning out as they ‘should’. And again, that things are ‘wrong’ and ‘not turning out as they should’ is also a perception… because we were also taught that control is good, just as chaos is bad. And the words ‘wrong’ and ‘not turning out as they should’ only make sense when used in conjunction with the words ‘expectation’ and ‘limitation’. If we simply let go and BE, then nothing is ever ‘wrong’. It just IS.

Please do not try to analyse these words with your mind for they are speaking directly to your heart, which knows that everything just is.

The new Earth vibrates at Heart Frequency. Your heart knows what your mind does not. Your heart literally does know everything – past, present and future – because in fact there is NO time. There is only this moment NOW and this moment NOW and this moment NOW. Your heart knows everything because you are everything. Your mind cannot grasp this concept so do not try to analyse it. But we ARE ONE… ONE energy in different physical bodies. We just need to trust it… to start practising… to start standing in your power… and BEing the amazing Being you really are.

So… it is now up to YOU! If you have felt something shift, the shifting you have done is shifting into your heart. Even if you haven’t felt anything shift, you are shifting into your heart… because your heart brought you here, to this article. NOW. In this moment. You are starting to tune to heart frequency.

Allowing the shift

The questions is, are you allowing this process or are you resisting it. Only you know! Because the New Earth does not support the lower frequency emotions and way of BEing that we are so used to, it will feel as though the ground is shifting and the rug is being pulled from under your feet. If this is happening, what is your reaction to it? What is your heart telling you to do? Now is the time to listen. With every decision and experience we have a choice. It is very ‘easy’ to step BACK into the habitual fear based reactions of the 3-D Earth, because that is all we can remember. It is where we feel safe and comfortable.

But are you really happy there? Haven’t you always felt that there is something more, something better? That surely this isn’t really all there is?

We have been operating for so many eons in these lower frequencies that we mustn’t beat ourselves up for falling back onto the old emotional reactions to new events unfolding in our lives. It takes time to pluck up the courage to act differently. This literally is your chance to break out of the mould, to climb out of the box, to walk through that open door. All you have to do is to BE YOU – the person you really are. All you have to do is listen to your heart and know that whatever you feel is right… IS. No-one else can tell you what is right for you, because you are the only person who is you!

Right now you have one foot in the old Earth and one foot in the new Earth. You can step either way. It is your choice, in every moment. YOU are in charge of you. No one else is. The more you listen to your heart and act on what it is telling you, which is what you feel is right, then the easier it will BE. Until eventually it becomes as easy as riding a bike, or walking – neither of which were easy until you had practised them. Remember? Except you don’t because you’ve been walking for so long it seems like you always knew how, doesn’t it?

You already DO know how to follow your heart. You already DO know that it IS the only way to BE… you’ve just forgotten that you know because it has been overlaid with a different way of BEing since you were a baby. But the more you follow your heart, the quicker you will remember — until you suddenly find you can’t imagine BEing any other way. For there IS no other way but LOVE.

Susan Harper Todd

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