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Saturday 9 November 2013

Mirror, mirror on the wall

This is, now and always, precisely what you expect.  You are a creator being; not sometimes, not after “ascension”, not with practice – right now.  

There is beauty, simplicity and honesty in immersion.  You are surrounded with your own reflections.  Your world can’t help but be a mirror.  You are the one who made it.

This point in the process, quantum physics points to what is happening.  It tells us that intention and observation determine results.  You see what it is you expect to see.  Today we are dealing with our core.  This lifetime may be about shifting the world yet the energy to do that is coming from your own internal evolution.  It is your shift that moves these mountains of illusion out of the way.  It is your heart that affords clarity of vision.

If things are blurry, it may indicate denial. The truth is staring you right in the face.  Your core beliefs have emerged now; we’ve gotten to the deepest layers of the onion.  What you are defining in your surroundings as some sort of problem is in fact your own.  Judgment is never true.  You cannot know the reasons for the actions of another.  You can only know how their actions feel for you.

Belief trumps everything.  It colors your scenery and never disappoints.  Unity and oneness have become key words.  It is, in the most painstaking analysis, what they mean for you that define them.  No one is wrong and no one is right.  We are One.

The in-fighting, blame and separation that are erupting in what were the most unified camps are counted on.  If you step back far enough you’ll view a planet divided.  If you reach in deeply enough you’ll discover the culprit is found there.  It is your own heart that you must completely embrace, your entire self that you must accept without reservation.

Who you actually are is crawling out of your ego-self right now.  He may be a bit obnoxious, she may be sort of awkward, yet they will not be denied.  There is no cause to hide any part.  This moment is about acceptance without reservation.  You are perfect.  Look around and notice the rest of us as we bring you into sharp focus.  We are each other.

Unity demands unconditional love.  Global alteration requires us to be unified.  Oneness asks of us Agape.  Beautiful, simple and absolute.  It will take all of us to shift.  This is not about holding hands and tossing similar criticisms.  This is about belief.  There are no small moments or insignificant interactions.  You know in your heart every aspect of you.  Love them all.

You came here alone, yet surrounded.  We stand right beside you, equal in every way.  One soul, seeing itself in a landscape of mirrors – I AM you.

This is why I can speak to what you are.  There is no part of you repulsive, no inch of you untouchable, no aspect not worthy.  You place some on a pedestal and others beneath your feet; all the while demonstrating your confusion about yourself.  You are every other; the height of perfection and the depths of despair.  As you look around, say “There go I” and respond accordingly.  When we allow ourselves each uncomfortable emotion without opinion or panic – we become One.

Our power is realized in self discovery and Agape.  Love yourself without limits – no exceptions.  It is an easy thing to gauge; evident in your internal peace.  When none of your mirrors give rise to judgment, you will know self love.  Look around, see everywhere a chance to forgive; in everyone opportunity for joy.

Oneness is Agape – absolute unconditional love.  Oneness is the force for creation on every level.  As we absorb every self-labeled “fault” we encounter the full force of our Being.

We are One, capable of anything, fueled with the power of a unified heart.  There is nothing beyond our reach.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


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