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Saturday 19 October 2013

The Great Gathering of Humanity: The Time For Global Change is Now

The inspiration for the title I chose for this article comes from Miriam Delicado, who shares the message that we are one voice, one people, and one Earth. That we all need to come together, unite and collectively work towards planetary change. 

Inspiring people to take the necessary steps to create big change on the planet. More people than ever before in human history have the desire to do this. The words below, however are my own, they come from me and are not meant to speak for Miriam Delicado. If you want to know more about her great work, you can click on her name, it will take you directly to her website. She will also be making an appearance in our third documentary, The Collective Evolution III.

Never before in the history of the human race have we become so aware of what is really happening on our planet. Never before has humanity collectively united to spread awareness and voice their vision of a world they wish to create. Alternative media outlets are garnishing millions of hits from all over the world. It’s clear that people are looking for other sources of information beyond the corporate media as they continue to wonder what exactly is happening on the planet. Everyday it seems that more people are snapping out of the routine of their everyday lives, putting their critical thinking hats on and observing what we are letting happen to our planet and its people. What was once labelled a ‘conspiracy theory’ is now  an obvious fact.

All global wealth and resources lie in the hands of a select few, several multinational corporations and the few financial institutions that control and influence our everyday lives. They literally program us and shape our perception of reality using a variety of different techniques. It’s easy to look up, almost all of the same financial institutions own all of the major corporations in our health, entertainment, energy, financial, educational and political framework. There are even published ‘academic’ papers that outline this fact (1).

This framework does not represent the people but rather the corporate interests and agenda these groups would like to see play out. It’s clear to the majority of humans that we have better ways to operate here, and our window of opportunity to make change dramatically decreases with every second. Elitist groups are loosing their ability to shape the reality and perception of the human being. Meanwhile, you have humanity in a struggle to take care of themselves and their families, putting them in a position of survival, so caught up in their own lives with no attention paid to mother Earth.

This is exactly what is changing. Humanity is waking up exponentially, and more people everyday are viewing the current human experience on Earth as something we do not resonate with. We are all together here, part of one human race, we must all work together, come together and unite if we would like to see our civilization move forward, expand and reach our unlimited infinite potential.

Be the change you want to see the world,” a powerful quote from Mahatma Gandhi is something that really resonates with me. Gandhi, like many others before him and after him was well aware that our external world is merely a reflection of our inner world. If you want to see change without, you have to be that change within. Undoubtedly this could be the most effective method for global change, but I believe in these times it requires more than that. Operating from a place of inner peace, love and understanding is the key to change yes, but we must use action to change the world from this place of peace. We must identify what no longer resonates with us here, and take whatever steps our heart tells us in order to change it.

Either way, events will continue to happen on Earth that serve as an awakening method for the human race, 9/11 is one example of many. You can create change in many different ways, it starts with your being operating from that place of peace and raising your own individual vibrational frequency. Planet Earth has been a very dense planet, a low vibrating planet which presents challenges for everyone to experience joy and high frequency feelings. The more the collective raises it’s frequency, the greater our strength becomes to change the world, and the greater the vibrational frequency of planet Earth as a collective raises to a new, never before experienced frequency range. Everybody has their own individual wants and lifestyle, but there are many here now that desire nothing but big planetary change, and will work towards that the best way they know how.

If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

What kind of changes am I talking about? There are multiple examples of things that need to change. For one, our energy industry isn’t needed at all. Humanity has identified multiple ways to generate alternative energy without burning any fossil fuels.  Everything from free energy, solar, and more. We have countless ways to generate energy with very little input, and in some cases no input at all. We must start implementing these things if we are to move on and live harmoniously with our planet. Our ‘decision makers’ must have the best interest of humanity at the forefront of their hearts when it comes to making decisions for the human race, mother Earth and all life upon it.

Right now it’s clear that our ‘decision makers’ do not have the best interests of the people within their hearts. These ‘elite’ must be removed from decision making, and the ones who see us as one human race, us, must take the reins. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Our health is another example. We continue to allow corporations like Monsanto to control the global food supply. This is another great example of the world waking up, humanity has identified multiple studies that show that GMOs can be harmful to human health. This is the reason why Monsanto and their GMO crops have been banned all over the world in a majority of countries.

All it takes is peaceful activism and simply making the human race aware of what they have not been aware of for so long. Another avenue of awakening for humanity as been the revelation of the black budget, a lot of our history (over half) remains classified. Technological developments within the black budget world are coming to light. The point I’m trying to make is that our world has (very recently) become extremely transparent, any many people are speaking up about it. There are so many different aspects of our world that are becoming transparent, providing multiple awakening opportunities for many people.It gives them the deep desire to change what doesn’t resonate with them anymore. It’s funny, because the translation of the word “apocalypse” means “transparency.”

I am aware that planetary change cannot happen instantly, but what is instantly? Over the years our planet has changed exponentially, within the past 100 years alone the rate of our development in many areas is unbelievable, and that is a very short period of time. Right now, Earth is in a period where humanity has a choice, and the time period is even shorter. We can no longer sustain our current ways, and now is our window of opportunity to create massive, rapid change on a global scale.  The start of this global change, this global paradigm shift started a few years ago and the progress we have made has been tremendous. I can’t imagine where we will be 5 years from now with the amount of change and the awakening that has already happened. We still have a long way to go. We are living in very exciting times.

Human beings are wonderful people, we are full of love, light and compassion. We are all born with these things and hate, fear and other low vibrational emotional states are simply programmed into us. They do not represent our natural state, and we must learn to let them go. If we operate from a place of peace, love, cooperation and understanding, we will take this planet and accelerate it into a higher frequency, an existence and experience that is more harmonious with the planet and its people. From this place we will be able to move on and explore other aspects of reality and join the galactic community that awaits our transition. Now is the time we choose which direction we go, we are living in critical times. Time to wake up world.

As we continue to become aware, our perception of the planet changes. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The collective consciousness of planet Earth is shifting as we begin to see things in a new light. Everything we are experiencing here is simply an opportunity, a test to see if we are really up to the challenge of changing our world for the better.  Seeing the world through the heart is much different than seeing the world through the mind. It’s time to let go of this experience we find ourselves in on the planet, it’s time to move on, take the training wheels off and fly. It’s time to grow up as one human race, come together and move on.


Arjun Walia

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