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Sunday 10 February 2013

Creating Change and Living off the Grid

If you have any interest in moving beyond the current system that we are playing with, it’s more than likely that you have heard the term “Living off the Grid”. So what exactly does it mean? 

Below in this article a video of veterans living off the grid in the USA.

Nick Rosen, a living off the grid-expert, sums up the term in an interview on “Coast to Coast” radio with George Noory very simply:
Thousands of small communities are living off the grid now in the USA. It means living independently, mainly living independently of the utility companies. Providing your own power. It does not mean living in the stone age, it’s not about bush craft. It’s about generating your own power, your own water, dealing with your own waste. Probably as part of a community, not living on your own like a hermit. It’s also about being more self-reliant and being less dependent on the system. Perhaps realizing that the system isn’t really protecting us anymore and we have to look after ourselves.”. ->

 In our first world and urbanized cities and nations, a large dependency has been created on our societal system. We rely on utility companies to provide us with power, and if you pay your own bills, surely you understand how limiting it can be. We rely on the banks to provide us with loans and financial stability to live our lives as we wish. We rely on politicians to make laws and rules, most of which we don’t enjoy and find very limiting. We rely on major chains of restaurants as well as grocery stores to provide us with the food needed to survive on a daily basis. We go to our jobs, which the majority of people don’t enjoy. 

And all of this we’re playing with because of two reasons. Fear of the unknown and letting go of it, and the disbelief that a new way of living is possible. This is the inspiration behind this article as I wanted to show you that so much is being done around the world to create new ways of living and sustaining communities, without relying on major corporate entities who don’t have our best interest at heart. The way we’re doing things now doesn’t have to be like this. Communities are being built all across the planet right now that are finding and also inventing new ways of doing things that are allowing us to get back in tune with nature, working with the planet as well as with each other and the animals in harmony.

If you have any doubt that a new way of life is possible or if you have any fear that it can’t be done, here is some great documentary  'A New We' to check out for you to gain more knowledge and understanding of living off the grid. Enjoy !

Elsewhere on 15 square miles 400 persons live off the grid on the Mesa, USA. 
Is this in Virginia? Let me know if I'm wrong ;-] 
Lots of them are veterans with PTSD, single mums & a group of stealing kids in a self correcting & protecting society :


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