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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Heavenletter: Lights Are Going On All over the World

Heavenletter describes a dramatic event in consciousness which the Divine Mother said today on An Hour with an Angel will be happening soon.

 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. Each sound contains its own vibration. What distance is there between sound and meaning? Does the sound of a word come first, or does the meaning come first, or do they come simultaneously? Can there be meaning without vibration? Even thoughts have vibration. Even light has a vibration.
We can say that life began with a jiggling of a vibration. We can say that life began with a twang.

There are a lot of things We can say. We can say that life began with a bang. We can say that life always was, yet, nevertheless, it would appear that there was a moment before the match of life was lit, a moment on the verge, the way there is a moment when the conductor holds up the baton.

On an airplane, there is just the moment before take-off. A moment exists, and that moment is Eternity, and, yet, in the world, a clock strikes. And what does it matter? What does it matter after all what anything is called when all is in readiness?
And yet it matters. A moment matters to you very much. A moment is almost like a match you strike. There is the match. There is a fireplace on a cold snowy night. And then there is a spark. The fire is lit, and the light grows.

And there is a light within the mind, and light within the heart, that lights up everything. A light goes on. Now your light is staying on. It may well be that you no longer locate dark. Dark will have vanished from the face of the Earth. Darkness itself is a thought, a sound, a vibration. How many vibrations are dancing on the head of a pin?

Are all vibrations twanging at this moment? Even as a thought may not yet have been thought, is the twanging on call? Is the sound already ready? Is the church bell about to peal?
Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. You are about to take off on a new chapter of your life. No holds barred. We can say that your life which always was is just beginning.
It is like you are vibrating on an exercise machine, and when you get off, all your blubber will have vanished. You will be streamlined. You will have taken a great weight off you. You will have taken off the weight of the past. You will not only be tremendous light, gravity will be less, and you will weigh less. You will not be, however, what is called a lightweight. In service to the Universe, you will be a heavyweight. You will matter. You may be the lighter of all the sparks that are going to go off all at once, and nothing will be the same.

You will be a light-striker, a light enthusiast, and you will be the Light of God, and you will be known as the Light of God, for, truly, there is no other light to be known, resurrected, beheld, ventured, arisen. The light of a new world is being lit right now. It is lit in your heart, and it is lit in your mind. A sparkler is ready to go off, and everyone will look up, and you will see the heralder of a new Light of Love coursing through the sky and wrapping you around its little finger. No one can resist this light that is dawning in your heart and mind right now.

The world has always been waiting for this comet of love to cross the horizon. And here you are, just ready to step over the threshold.
This is the moment.
This is the moment you have been waiting for.
You have been waiting, haven’t you?
You have been waiting for the splendor.
Well, it is here.
Lights are going to go on all over the world. 

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