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Wednesday 20 February 2013

The 'elite' of this planet knows something we don't?

At least, something we're not supposed to know. That knowledge has ties to the Annunaki, ancient civilizations, 'royal' bloodlines, gold and our near future.

The first four may ring a bell but their actions lately reveal also their insight of the last one.
Fasten your seatbelts, here we go:

Surpressing humanity and withold this knowledge through :
  • history falsifications & coverups like the Roswell ufo-crash & ET-bodies found, more ufocrashes and back-enginering their technicals.  [where did glassfibre & touchscreens come from?]
  • total mediacontrol also with hidden subliminal messages
  • teaching only half of mankinds real history and surpressing/changing the rest in history teachings at schools
  • creating anxiety, hatred & diversity amongst us through religion, racism, politics & unleashing lots of violence upon humanity especially last 100 years
  • having a seat in one or more secret societygroups like bilderberg, skulls & bones & CFR
  • these with the Club of Rome & the UN are executing agenda 21 wich will strip away slowly all our individual & constitutional rights. 
  • trying to get hold of almost all of Earths' gold, money & power to themselves while a great portion of the planet's population has a shortage of food, clean drinkingwater, proper housing or access to good education or healthcare
  • poisoning us & our planet by air [chemtrails], food [ie GMO & aspartame], water [ie fluoride], chemical  medication & vaccinations
  • putting out lots of disinformation about this agenda to mislead the public

Banksters stealing cash from governments, the EU & us the people and it seems getting worse by the day. Who will stop them? If you rob a bank you probably end up in jail but when the banksters steal worldwide of us all in the open they are too big to go to jail? I suggest all law enforcement agencies worldwide go after these criminals right now & charge them in the name of freedom of us the people of the world. Enough = enough !

Lots of elitists are either arrested & arrestedresigning, abdicting, reti or going on a permanent vacation lately and dumping their stocks in the process. Some stay in office to disclose ET-existence.

Great amounts of (fake)gold, silver and diamonds are shipped worldwide lately. Some of these transports are robbed. More good news is that lots of countries are banning GMO-food, fluoridation of our drinkingwater & investigating vaccinations & foodingredients more & more.

Prior to this they have been building hundreds of underground survival facilities [bunkers] -connected by tunnels- for themselves. That could explain the appearance of sinkholes [collapsing tunnelworks?] and underground noises & groundtrembles [not earthquakes]. China has built some complete cities above the ground which are still not inhabited.

Some believe the cycle is 3600 years for these mayor things to happen mostly also with a disaster coming along with it and/or a huge change of mankind's DNA [we had that], big flood [check] , Armageddon 1914-1945 [check]. Mostly these events were accompanied by celestial bodies appearing in Earths' skies [check] and ET's having their own agenda's [check].

Since the 'flower power' period marked by Woodstock 1969 [no jokes about project woodworm and stocks please, weedshare might be a better name?]  thousands of benevolent beings -not from this Earth originaly- were born here to spread a transmutating light energy  [referring to St Germains' violet cosmic ray] to raise Earths' frequency and changing old paradigms so the environment of this planet would be unliveable by them 'bloodlines' and help us benefit energetically in the process.

The next completion of this 3600 year cycle is near and will mark another historic & cosmic event in our history.
Our freedom is here & near and recently most of us can féél it actually. The elite knéw this for a long time. They knew it all along last thousands of years and fear is their share because they also know that their 'babysittingtime' of us and their controlmechanism is over.
That's why the precious metals & cash are moving so rapidly and the elite are hiding in their 'safe' places. Their 'game' is over.

But for their Annunaki masters are far more powerful then they are, there is no safe place for them to hide. They can try but they will be taken off planet soon. Run & nowhere to hide. In fact, this process is already underway & happening although most of us can hardly see the signs of this now. Look carefully & close, the signs are there.
Could them leaving planet Earth be mentioned in the Bible as the rapture? Pardon my French.

The object that makes this close visit to our planet every 3600 years was mentioned  to come in june 2013. Some tail debris will accompany it as we noticed already. [I know, timeframes are changing and all is fluid as the Plan unfolds, but this is last intel and I'll update that if necessary]. 
Freedom for us finally. Now what will we do with it? We all need some time to readjust to this new reality. Some services can be interrupted shortly so prepare for that. 

All of our history and today's events are interlocked with this event.
Does it all make sense?


Update 17-06-2013->

Of course. We have it all seen happening with previous appending (celestial)  events and it didn't surprise me this is not an exception ;-]

The end of june 2013 mentioned above is supposed to be the time when the approaching blue & red kachina constellation will become visible also on the Northern Hemisphere. From the Antartic, South-America and Australia some have already a good view on it.

What will We do with the Freedom We have Won?

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