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Thursday 28 February 2013

We are becoming transparent

All aspects of ourselves are getting more and more transparent throughout the integration process we are going through. This is happening collectively and individually: not only is the system in place beginning to crack open and reveal its true agenda to the masses, our own personal intentions are becoming more and more transparent as well.

Intentions are now magnified x1000 because they reveal what aspect of ourselves is behind our intentions. They reveal which come from a state of inner-peace and freedom, and which come from a state of fear and constriction. They highlight all aspects of you, the freed and the wounded. Have you noticed that more than ever before, you are able to feel the energy of the intention behind your words and actions? For example, we often feel more tense and agitated when an expression/reaction comes from a wounded ego, from a desire to control and resist. On the other hand, we usually feel very spacious, warmhearted and peaceful when it comes from our core essence. This is the perfect circumstance to begin observing all inner-resistance and open up to all that needs to come through and be released.

Intentions used to feel subtler, more difficult to detect especially when we were trying to hide or deny certain aspects of ourselves. But now, hiding our stuff in cardboard boxes are a thing of the past; the boxes are now crystal clear. We can see through ourselves and each other with greater ease. It is becoming more and more difficult to hide, because the main lesson here is that there is no need to hide.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, judge or try to conceal through this integration process. This is not a “spiritual race” to perfection, nor is it a rebellion against suffering. It is quite the opposite actually. 2013 is the year we are being pushed quite hard (tough love) to shake hands with all aspects of ourselves – wounded identities, fears and traumas – that we have disowned, and finally look at them in the eye with more compassion. Not to judge them, fear them or fight them, but to bathe them in the light of our own consciousness, to love them unconditionally for once. They have served. They have been a wonderful and enriching learning experience.

The transparency is here, all that is left for us to do is be honest with what we see within. This is usually when fear comes in, since being honest and looking at our core wounds sounds like a first step towards letting them go, not to mention letting go of a solid identity we thought we were… Who will we be without it? Who will protect us? Protect us from what? The irony is that the fearful aspects of ourselves are simply afraid of our own presence, of aloneness. Nothing more and nothing less. But it is not by remaining fragmented and pushing away all aspects of ourselves in opposite directions that we will find ourselves… we will find ourselves by bringing it all back in and transmuting it through love and acceptance.

“We don’t need to create bridges to climb over chasms, or do battle with dragons and monsters, though this paints an epic and exciting story for us, which we can get lost in for a time, healing is much simpler… Healing can be as simple as recognizing that who we are underneath the physical garment is so incredibly beautiful as it is and as such the human self is too, and any resistance or tension is only held there because we resist this understanding in one way or another.” – Elias Davis

The process we are going through, no matter how challenging and “negative” it may seem to appear on the surface, is all agreed upon by our very own core essence. It is literally beaming through us and highlighting all that we need to ACCEPT within ourselves. In a sense, it is a call for self-love. Not the conditional self-love that says “I can love myself BECAUSE [insert condition here]“, but the self-love that recognizes the wholeness and love that IS what we already are. In this state, the wounded aspects of ourselves cease to be perceived as a threat, they instead become an opportunity to bring more consciousness in, more light.

I’ve been on this ride myself lately, and have reached a point where I had to lay it all on the table and literally meet all aspects of me. It is still an ongoing process, but it is a process that is always unfolding in utmost perfection. All my intentions of needing to “prove myself”, “maintain love to feel loved”, or attach to any form of “security” in my life are being revealed to me, by me, so I can be free. It can be a scary process when you are used to protecting certain rigid beliefs about yourself and the world in order to avoid the vast space and overwhelming light of your own being… but this space and light is what you are, it is the direct connection to universal love and peace.

But these words won’t mean anything to us if we are too busy resisting and judging the fragmented aspects of ourselves that only ask to be allowed through, accepted and felt for what they are: a beautiful emotional experience, a story, a projection coming from pure light. However, once a movie has been played and replayed enough, it is okay to let it go and move on to another experience – a freer experience at one with the knowing of who we are. Our essence is far grander than the images projected on the screen. It is the love and light that is the source of all images.

THIS is what you think you must escape… but once you take a leap of faith and allow all sides of yourself to come through, be loved and released, you will know this was the only way to move forward in peace, joy and alignment.

In this state, there is no need to be afraid to FEEL. Enjoy the human experience!

Much Love!

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