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Saturday 17 August 2013

The Universal Pulse Of Truth

There is a sacred pulse that you have. It often follows the pulse of your biological heartbeat. 

It makes sense, since the Pulse comes from the biological pulse of the heartbeat is in sync with the Celestial Pulse.

It can tear down outside walls and if it does, it manifests in a revolutionary way.  It’s very powerful yet very subtle. That is why it can be a life changing experience, either to Pulse it out or be the receiver. And I really don’t feel comfortable saying that, since there is no transmitter and no receiver in the higher altitudes of the Pulsing hearts. There is no inside and outside.

There are no contradictions – there are only perceptions of diversions. All resonated reminiscences of the division Bell which started its toning when the control system came up with that once so powerful design which still holds the heart people in Morph City, like wallflowers in the ballroom of life.

I would like to stick to the Matrix of outside and inside though to get my point through:

There are no powers in this world that have that authority over you! Not being able to Pulse your, maybe brushed and battered heart, out into the field of infinite possibilities, the field of infinite creativity or the field of infinite love. Same field by the way.

Can’t blame it on the control system anymore. We have evolved rapidly over the last decade, forming heart based networks, networks of friendship, networks of kindred spirits, networks of the “Internet awakening” and so many more.

So the only one keeping you is you. Blaming it on the Matrix is very hollow in the field of the Pulsing Hearts.

The only one holding you back is: You.

Once we realize that fact we become free, obviously detaching the blame game and reclaiming our powers as heart based radiant pulsing beings.

So the problem could be elsewhere:

Maybe you will feel shy.

Maybe you will feel misunderstood.

In a world that thrives on coldness, you might feel lonely-afraid-sad.

Every emotion no matter how high or how low has a counter emotion:






It comes with the territory, since we have not fully reached the state of “Staying Power” in the heart-based realms of our divinity.

And we get the Downs. And it’s fully okay. Highs and lows.

Some people get so scared of the power of their Hearts that they think:

I need a 77 step program to tell me the coordinates of the Pulsing Heart.
Really, you don’t.
You might need signposts but no one on this planet can tell you how to live your life and express your heart unless the “rules/principles/laws” to be followed are very elastic and grant you the freedom to do it your own way, by the guidance or advice from someone who might have travelled a bit further down the road of “Talking the talk, and doing the walk”.

Seek inspiration – Avoid control and maybe bare in mind that control can be very subtle and nicely wrapped in.

Sometimes we need to surrender to outside perimeters in order to find our home and true potentials again. But do not take anything for granted.

Take the inspirations if you find them resonating, but never go: “This is the only way”. Waste of incarnation really, another remote control matrix. And they come in many forms, mind-bending, heart twisting and maybe there are very good principles to follow for the person advertising them, pretending it to be the way to the Kingdom, The New Dawn or whatever and persuading you that this also goes for you.

My point is, because I believe in you:
You have it. It’s the precious gift from the universe we manifested from, are in and will go back to.

I really don’t believe in:

B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth.

As goes for holding the The Universal Pulse Of Truth hijacked into a confined space of: You cannot do this and that. Do what you fancy – it is all learning by doing here.

You can. You are that greatness. You are the embodiment of that gift.

The heart often being symbolized like an unfolding Rose, it may acquire water, but to fully unfold it does not need some Guru in any form to tell it how it should. That would be like going out into the garden and commanding the flowers to bloom, but only according to the commandments in The Book of Flowers © . Chance of getting cut down will be imminent.

We are diamonds in the rough and our polishing goes through learning by doing, by addressing the three lives we have: The physical, the emotional and our intellect.

When they merge: Blooming sets in. Pulsing sets in. Everything sets in and a birth, maybe a symbolic one: A metaphysical merging between what were divided, the physical – the emotional and the intellectual and we can truly speak of wholeness in our beings:

Since we differ no more.

Reborn and frail.

Reborn and radiant.

Reborn and strong.

Every spiritual guru/teacher who tells you that this is complicated and wants to tell you that there’s a long and winding road here, that is not conquered without great distress and his teachings, frankly hasn’t got a clue to what he’s talking about.

It’s projections. It might have caused him great distress but he’s not allowed to pass that onto the disciples or whatever he would call you.

You have it – You might need a hand or a mirror to show you – but you have it. I know that for a fact. Because: There are no children of a lesser God.

Don’t ever think you are. read more

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