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Monday 26 August 2013

The Age of Aquarius

You can ask an Angel for help to solve a problem in your life.

Thinking about Angels it might be most of the time a vision of a beautifull powerfull Creature  'up there'  in the highest dimensions. How big is your multi dimensional Universe?

Them Being far away 'up there' or we getting some help maybe in a nearby future here would mean they're not with us right now & here. It can feel that way sometimes but realy, you think you managed all the way through your life without any help at all?

They're already here, always were here, whispering in your ear and helping you all the time, all your life. Just listen.

The same you're doing with friends, family & even strangers -sometimes- reaching out, helping and sometimes...  you needed a hand from others & some help for yourself.  All hands are holding all of us together eventually. 
Everyone's reaching out & helping at the same time. 

Thanks to or despite all the whispers it's still you & only you making decisions for your life.
Trying to Master it. One day in the future you'll Master you life, outside voices tell you..
What happened to now  Mastering it?
Your Inner voice that's in charge finally?

Which dimension you live in?

There's always an Angel there for you, always. If you want proof, just ask a profound question to him/her in your thoughts.
The answer might surprise you. And answers will come eventually.  It can come to you in a thought or a dream but it'll impact your life, forgood.

Most of us 7 billion people on this planet have a good understanding of this 3rd dimension and are trying to improve the circumstances for the benefit of all of us. 
The level of consciousness determines wich Angel from wich dimension can help you at any time in your life.
The majority of them are from the dimensions right above us, being the 5th & 6th.
It wouldn't make any sense if a Nobelprize awarded scientist Angelic Being is teaching elementary schoolchildren that 1+1=3.
Children we are, playing with the fire of our life.

Most of us 7 billion people on this planet have a good understanding of this 3rd dimension and are trying to improve the circumstances for the benefit of all of us.

Where are we now?

We are the Masters & Creators of our time.
You found yourself.
Seen or unseen, helping hands of  Angels are always close.

All dimensions are reaching out for everybody on the ladder of life. 
All dimensions are here now.
All these energies are now available for your life.
All the help you ever wanted is in your hands, just ask.
Angels don't have to come, they're already here.
Anything is possible now
It was you, you're searching for.

Our ancestors, only a few decades ago knew something about these times we're living in now.
They knew this age was coming & they were celebrating it decades ago. [remember Woodstock?]
Why did we forget that?

We've entered the age of Aquarius already. Believe it or not.
It's right here...
Let's dance...


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