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Thursday 15 August 2013

Transformation – Our Deepest Purpose

What, if not transformation, is our deepest purpose? -Rainer Maria Rilke

One of the reasons we are here, perhaps the most meaningful reason, is to transform ourselves. But what does that really mean?

To transform is to change the shape or character of……. according to my dictionary. I love this definition because it fits so perfectly with my worldview, which, as an evolutionary astrologer, is centered on the evolution of character. This, in other words, is transformation. This is our deepest purpose. And it is a lifetime’s work.

The question then becomes, how do we go about this process of transformation? And it clearly is a process – taking the raw material of youthful and unformed character and, through the gradual acquisition of knowledge and experience over the passage of time – moulding and perfecting it. We are all involved in the work of integrating aspects of our characters and taking them to the higher ground. And boy, are we up against it there!

The world we have been born into seems designed to make things as challenging as it can for us.

We arrive here equipped for physical survival – which means we are hardwired to see the world around us as threatening. We are born into fear.  This is not all bad, but it does mean we learn to live on our nerves. When you think about it, all the stresses we feel can be related back to one fear or another.  Not only does ‘the system’ program us (through its insistence on consumerism and competition) to exist in a state of continual background fear and anxiety, but it is simultaneously bombarding us with assault after assault of pollutants – chemical and emotional. All of this undermines our health and wellbeing, on every level.

As we know, everything has a frequency. We have a frequency that evolved along with the frequency of our planet Earth.  Our frequency is compatible with the Earth’s that means.  Natural food, clean water and air – all have a frequency that is harmonious with our own.  But as most of us reading this are well aware, this is a situation that is becoming increasingly more difficult to sustain. Our food, our water and our air are all being contaminated with pollutants. The frequencies, or energy fields we are taking into our bodies, in the form of our food, water and the air we breathe, are disharmonious, chaotic, and disruptive. They disrupt our physical body, and our mental and emotional bodies, through altering our biochemistry. We are vulnerable, multi-dimensional beings, and we are now being assaulted on all levels of our being.  This being human is becoming increasingly more challenging as ‘the system’ – controlled obviously by a force that does not have our best interests at heart, accelerates its unspeakable agenda.

Sourcing pure, organic food and clean, un-fluoridated (!) water can be a mission. (I travel 30 km to an artesian water spring, in order avoid fluoridated tap water  – and I’m lucky I know to have this resource). It takes time to read labels in the supermarket – but we need to, now more than ever. In short, our health depends on our knowledge. We need to educate ourselves – and time is not on our side.

It isn’t only our food and water – if we live in an urban area, how can we avoid the electromagnetic smog that fills the airwaves?  The frequencies being emitted by technology, cell phone towers, mobile phones, wifi, microwaves, x-rays, and heaven help us, smart meters (!) can be nigh on impossible to escape from. These frequencies are steadily undermining our cellular integrity – of that there is little doubt.  It is hard not to despair.

And that is the biggest challenge. Overcoming our despair, our fear, our heartbreak – when we see the pain and insanity in the world, through taking back our power – is how we transform it.

In astrology, Pluto is the transformer.  This planetary body is associated with not only transforming, and healing, but it is also about all things dark. It symbolises the shadow, that which is hidden – whether it be psychologically, or on another level, physically. Pluto’s domain is the invisible.

This is relevant because as members of the human race, we all have Pluto somewhere in our psyche. If astrological terminology puts you off, replace the word Pluto with wound.  We all have individual wounds to heal, and we all share in the collective wounds of humanity.  At some point, the two merge into one – and it seems we are at that point.  Society’s disease has become our disease.

If we are on a mission to transform and heal ourselves, then transforming our world is part and parcel of that.  This ‘change in form’ is as much about changing the ‘state of the world’ – disintegrating as it appears to be around us, as it is about changing our inner world. When we change inwardly, the outer form changes too. Our integrity (wholeness) and the integrity of our world are at heart one and the same.  

Overcoming our despair then depends on us waking up, and helping each other to wake up.  That is, we need to grow our awareness, our consciousness  – to realize that we are all individual cells in the one body of humanity – a body that is looking pretty sick right now.  But we each have the power to change that.  The cells in the human body work together for the good of a whole – the rogue cancer cell, an example of the exception.

This is what we must do as individual cells in the body called humanity.  It is imperative that we see the bigger picture and realize that the healing of our society and our planet must come from our cooperation. This is what happens in the body – 50 trillion cells cooperate to maintain the healthy functioning of the system. As we heal our individual wounds and become whole in body and mind, the world around us will be healed. It is our apathy, our ignorance and the firewalls of our beliefs that must be transformed.  There is no power in maintaining the status quo. The only power is in healing and transformation.

Here then are some humbly offered suggestions, to help your transformation……And all power to you!

-        Inform yourself.  Read as widely as you can on the subject of natural heath and healing,  (The time for trusting your health to outside authorities has long past), and what is happening in the world (you can’t trust the mainstream media to tell you the truth on anything of importance).

-        Share information.  Keep talking and sharing your experiences and discoveries re the above, with others. Sign petitions. Write letters to editors and emails to TV stations.

-        Take care of your health by not vaccinating your children or yourself, drinking fluoridated water, eating GMO containing foods, eating processed foods, talking too long on cell phones, living in a continuous wi-fi environment, using microwaves and smart metres, living close to cell phone towers, over-using pharmaceuticals or other drugs.

-        Clear your emotional body. Learn techniques, such as breath and body work to release heavy, low vibratory emotions from your system. Live as much as possible in the NOW.

-        Move your body.  Do physical exercise on a regular basis – even if it is just walking, or gardening. Particularly if it is walking or gardening. Take up yoga.

-       Make time to just be. Each day take some time to meditate or just sit and let your thoughts be still. Be in nature for your ‘just be’ time, whenever you can. This resets your internal clock to timelessness – the opposite state to that in which we normally live.

-       Connect with animals and nature.  And realize the life-force in all things. Minimise consumption of animals and animal products.

-       Look within. Consider having your evolutionary astrology chart done, or other technique that connects you with your own psyche and the energies you are working with in this life.  Knowledge is power. Power is transformation.

-       Drink green juices.  Blend organic fruits and greens and drink often.

-       Do what you love.  You are utterly unique and that is enough. Whatever you love doing is what you are here to do. Create. Express yourself – and most of all ENJOY your days.  You never know when they will be up.

About the Author

Linda George is a writer, yogi, and evolutionary astrologer living in New Zealand.  She has been deeply involved in astrology, alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for 35 years.  Author of two books on consciousness and astrology – both finalists in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit book awards, she is committed to joining with others in ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times. Please join us.   Her blog .

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