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Tuesday 29 January 2013

What a strange planet [email to my homeplanet]

Everyone of us sends sometimes an update home to family & friends. And what now if our  family & friends live lightyears away from Earth?  That we finally understand that we are in this world but not fròm this planet? 

This is my letter to my family & friends 'back home' :
Subject: What a strange planet.

Dear family and friends,
While staying here, already 46 years (in Gaia-time) I finally, after a turbulent journey in search
of who I am, where I come from and what I should do here, I finally have the time to send you a message.

First, you become "born" as mini-human without any sense of who you really are and where you came from. As young as I was then, I knew playfully already two things for sure: I do not belong here and I'll leave as soon as possibly I can. And if you're still not finished exploring & playing, your parents bring you to a building with more mini little people to play at first but later ordered to sit still & quitely in your chair and listen to a larger adult.

They tell us lies about the world and its history especially. But if you are good at remembering those lies you get a piece of paper so that you may continue to the next building to 'learn' more of these.

If you do get really good at that, a lot of numbers on your bank account show up and you can tell others how they should do that.
Oh and you may live in a very big house, that's what I do not understand. And what is so strange is that if these people break the law and steal numbers from people's bank with a smaller house's they can pay some of this to the people of the law without going to jail. But people with very few numbers in their bank account have to go to jail if they steal numbers from people with big houses.
What also is strange is that they are printing  those numbers on papernotes and metal coins and almost everyone believes that's worth something valuable. So much believesystems here.

Then there are other people with a large house who are a lot to be seen on a screen in your room, who mostly tell us that they are going to solve all our problems in our life and in our society and if they lie very good they may tell us for 4 years what we sould do. But how much numbers from the bank the people in small houses give to them more and more, the situation never gets better.. .

Sometimes they come together and they talk about these things but they realize they can't really  change a thing. Maybe because that screen on the wall doesn't show the real true reality.

Or by fluoride in tap water, chemicals in the air sprayed from airplanes, poisoned vaccines and food. I do not know.

Besides, there are more living creatures here and they are kept as pets in the house or a lot of them in a big farm for eating them or even hunted at for the same purpose. Can you imagine that? Even worse: grown up people are hunting sometimes others but that's not for eating. Sometimes there are little humans victim of that too. I don't understand that at all...

But I found maybe a beginning of the way out of this madness. Above wrongdoing things I do not participate in and I see them slowly fade away. A man once said:
"Imagine there is a war and nobody goes there?"

And one last thing. Many people still do not know that by their thinking and desires they create their own future. That energy they have been using for a while now but the cause and result, they often do not see.

Well, what a strange planet is this ...

I hope to tell you more soon because I noticed recently that a lot of things are changing here for the good. People become more aware of these things. It almost looks like it's going to be okay here after all!

Lots of love,

Re: What a strange planet
People Worldwide claim their Sovereignty

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