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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Brunette wings

Its quiet here this morning, and cooler.  The birds are not calling to each other, but chirping amongst themselves.  A hawk soars overhead while the cicadas are silent.  In the distance there are storm clouds.  All seems not waiting so much as watching… what is coming is gonna be wild.  

The preparations have been made.  There’s not much to say to each other now, we are down to the doing.  By all reports we are feeling isolated yet no longer confused; we know who we are and what we came to do.  What burns through us now is a knowing.  The truth of who you are has spoken.  Whispered or shouted it rings in your ears.  Pay attention.

We are integrating.  It may feel like oil and vinegar.  You can swish them together for something unique and yummy, but if left to sit, they will separate.  Action is necessary for creation.  We are here to DO.

Until recently, we’ve relied on our tool kit.  Carefully constructed, it has served us well, fortifying our false self.  We know each piece intimately.  Today though, as we face the same relationships and situations, these tools rest heavy in our hands.  They are awkward, unnatural even.

We look around, there is an empty box – this kit is brand new.  It is up to us to fill it.  What we select depends on who we choose to build.  Our tools now must enhance our attitude.  Our core essence will not be denied.  Oh, we can try, because in the moment the familiar seems easier.  Yet the familiar yields no satisfaction.  We require the tools of a Master.  We’ve been waiting a life time to use them.

There are others out there, fellow artisans, who will point you in the right direction.  You may have just met, and until now, they held little importance for you.  There are no small moments or insignificant relationships now.

We are integrating, returning to our core, becoming the powerful Ones.  You are surrounded with help, let nothing pass you by.  Dream your life into being for this is how it works.  Things don’t happen to you – you make things happen.

All that you are is right now in the body of you.  As you mix it up, you may see, smell or taste things that surprise or even shock you.  Explore them all – it’s you.  As you love each thread you’ll embrace the entire fabric of creation.  With just one thread cut, the entire piece unravels.  Every part matters.

As I write, a deep brunette winged dragonfly rests at my feet. It’s been there for quite some time, returning again and again.  I wonder if it holds the energy of my baby sister, who is on the other side.  Eight years ago, she told me to watch for butterflies and she’d be there.  Usually there is one nearby. Today, it’s a dragonfly.  Perhaps she too is discovering parts of herself she wasn’t aware of while on earth.  This dragonfly’s wings are the color of her hair.

The Masters are returning, and they are every One of us.  You cannot be here if you are not a Master.  Even those who have left are enjoying our becoming.

Beautiful, powerful and surprising, it is an incredible moment, hand crafted by each of us.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


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