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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Canadian Cop Gives Homeless Woman Lunch Money

A Canadian police observer filmed a Toronto officer, not beating a person senseless or violating his or her rights, but rather committing a courageous act of kindness.

In the video, a Toronto officer is telling a homeless woman she needs to leave her current location, but instead of threatening her with arrest, the officer engages in genuinely nice guy behavior and gives her money.

The user that sent us the video says the policeman caught on film is actually his father and had this to say:

I’m sure the person filming was waiting to get a police brutality video to post on YouTube, but instead he got what needs to be seen more. People should not hate the police, there are some good ones. I believe this video should be seen to show exactly that.

As police officers often get a bad rap for the misdeeds of their more ego maniacal, sexually deviant, profit-driven partners, it is always a breath of fresh air to report on the instances we come across where a cop actually treats a citizen like a fellow human being.

Kudos to the officer in this video.

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