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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Pro-Pot Activists Plant Seeds All Over City

Pro-marijuana activists in a German university town sowed the seeds of protest in June and are now watching their results bloom

Unfortunately for the cops in Gottingen, this is not a metaphor. As Der Spiegel explains, some pro-pot elves calling themselves "A Few Autonomous Flower Children" went all over the city last month planting marijuana seeds—as in, several pounds of seeds—to protest what they see as the "demonization" of cannabis even as alcohol and tobacco get away scot-free.

Now, the plants are sprouting up everywhere, and website GJ is publishing photos as they do, encouraging readers to "enjoy with deep relaxation the majestic beauty of this magnificent plant!" It's in German, but the photos speak for themselves, showing the plants in parks, city planters, and, best of all, in front of the city police station.

Police and parks workers are even using the site as a guide on where to go rip up the plants. For the record, the activists swear their plants are low in THC, the active ingredient in pot.

 John Johnson

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