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Tuesday 30 July 2013

You Are Your Greatest Battle

Rumor has it that women are amazingly strong. 

Do we always have to be strong? When looking at alternative ways to be, it seems like strong is the only choice. But I wonder about that. Eventually we realize that strong in conscious awareness seems a lot more natural than the ‘act on the world’ kind of strong that we’ve engaged in for most of our lives.

Don’t get me wrong… I still feel like acting on the world because the toxic density of this final stage of collapse is threatening to take down so many along with our beautiful mother earth. But I’m thinking there may be something greater that I can offer: perhaps the sure knowledge that in the end, hope for the future is you.

You are your greatest battle, you are your greatest work, you are your greatest satisfaction, and your energy and consciousness are the hope.

So I’ve been looking through the antonyms to strong. Most of them were pejorative, but I did find two that I could get with: unfixed and yielding.

I was speaking with a wise young woman last night, and we did skirt many subjects, but the thoughts that remain with me today are her offerings on ‘potentialities’. Consciously aware elders do see potentialities… we can’t help but do so, as time in and observation have taught much about the surprising ways in which the waters flow when one energy rises and another diminishes.

Can we agree that nothing is fixed, and that our consciousness and the cultivation of our energy can increase the number of potential experiences available as we escape a dense state and move to another with a wider view? Remember, we are hope for the future, and what can we offer if our viewpoint is obtained by us peering out from a ‘collapsed in’ state of fear, or guilt, or anger, or despair. read more

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