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Sunday 28 July 2013

The journey begins

For those who seek Joy, Happiness, Bliss, Compassion & Love in their lives, continue reading.

Albert Einstein once said: "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it."

Many seekers tried for ages to alter their consciousness or simply try to change their lifes. With good results, if we understand the words of Buddha, JC & others well...

If you start this journey it will be your choice to do so. While reading this you probably realize that you've made that choice already.
Even better if your search & resque mission for yourself has already begun a while ago, most likely it's even expanded to help other people, animals & plants.

At some point in your life you realize that the outside world doesn't provide you with the happy feelings, not even from people you love. Can't blame them...
There's a gap. To fill that gap you can argue, beg, shout & even do worse things to the world.
That probably didn't work too well all the time, did it?

The Journey begins

You can say a Prayer now and then and you've probably already made a wish or two sometimes in the past, for changes in your life.

These results from the prayer/wishingswitch -you turn on now & then- can be related to 'the secret'.
The real secret is that there is no switch to turn it 'on'. Well, I don't even know how to turn it off...

Your wishfull thinking is already constantly working for you, your whole life. It's already happening in your life & mind by your thoughts & intentions.
The time between you're thinking something & experiencing that in your life is to be closely observed by you. It's just a timedelay.

Slowly you take more care of what you think & wish for. Adjusting your intentions & thoughts slightly probably now & then. As your world expands...
Confusing can be the realisation that you feel separated from family, friends or nature & life at all. At some point you start to communicate with them in another way.
Sure there are moments of despair, loneliness & loss of control over your life. That's part of the game. Accept it in the process of who you are going to become.

Your life experiences are like day & night, yin & yang and ups & downs but eventually you're graduating slowly. That graduatingprocess is a cyclic process what you're experiencing all your life already.
Thoughts & emotions are now in your toolkit ready for use when you need them. Being the Master of it. Pushing the buttons as you wish. You simply choose what to think of or what emotion you wish to experience. Turn it on/off as you wish.

Suddenly you realize that it was YOU -the Master with compassion- you were waiting for.

Then you realize more & more that with great power comes greater responsability & you're feeling better and more relaxed in daily life -probably living then in abundance.
As you receive more of the things you need in your life you can feel the need to give some of it away to those creatures who need it and show people how life can be.
That's where the hapinessfeeling inside of you comes from. Then you feel blessed that you're capable  of doing this. Other living beings nééd you.
And you need them.

Remembering walking in nature feeling one with it all and in total peace?
Now try falling from an airplane's open door with nothing more than a backpack on. I did that 12 times and died almost twice from a crash & a drowning.
The feeling of flying is unbelievable and it doesn't end there. The world of your reality turns upside down and flips from left to right all the time.
It's overwhelming to feel ALL different emotions at once, thinking of everyting at the same time & realize it's all in your hands.
It can be scary sometimes to walk and feel like flying at the same time.
But it's a joyfull feeling.

Where do we go?

When a significant amount of people on Earth start using their 'toolkit', there's no other possibility than that we turn this planet into one giant small town where we all take good care of eachother.

If Heaven has always been a place far away and something for your near future maybe...
Now when do you decide then that you're already in it? Next year?  Never? Someday? Tomorrrow?

Your journey has begun.
It's already happening.
Fasten seatbelts & enjoy the ride !



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