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Friday, 5 July 2013

You are in heaven

Now what?

Remembering & thinking of your life on Earth?

What is your first feeling with these thoughts?

Or even Wishing deeply you had more time to enjoy the expierence of life on Earth and share that with others around you?
These opportunities...
You could have, should have...
What do you really want now? Think of it...

You know you're longing for a serious, deep & profound love in your life.
After searching for that feeling for many years you finally realize that feeling can not come from outside of you.
One of the best hidden secrets in our past is that that feeling is something you already know & even actualy have felt before.

Its that feeling from the past of truely & deeply being in love with someone. Remember that?
Now look at yourself and be honest: Who do you love now?
It was you, searching for you...
Can you feel it?



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